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Support thread for women who are pregnant or TTC after a termination for abnormalities 4

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NatzCNL Sun 12-Feb-12 20:26:03

Welcome to the newest thread of support for those ladies who are pregnant or trying to concieve after terminating for abnormalities. Since this thread first began there have been stories of heart break, sadness and fear, but from these stories there have also been stories of happiness, success and most importantly, hope. Here they are, our thread babies, and may the list continue to grow:

Mishtabel - Bella 22/01/10
Linspins – Franklin 22/01/10
Shangrila – baby boy 01/02/10
Can'tdothisagain – Babycan't 12/04/10
Katerina100 – baby boy 06/10
NumptyMum - Josie 28/06/10
Allstarsprincess – Frank 30/07/10
Katiecubs - Felix 13/08/10
GinaFB – Alexander 03/01/11
LittlePoot - Jacob 02/02/11
Coffeeandchocolate – Coffeebean 22/02/11
Rushingrachel – Oliver 02/03/11
Crazycatlady - Lawrence 08/03/11
Dramamama - Isabella 13/03/11
VivClicquot - Phoebe 28/04/11
Lisbeth Salander - baby boy 7/11
Stormbird – George 24/07/11
Sarahmia – baby girl 25/07/11
Eavers – Jacob 11/08/11
Grandj – Eliot 01/09/11
Babylily – Miles 05/09/11
NatzCNL - Sienna 26/09/11
Manitz - Sacha 28/09/11
Cherrybug – Kade 02/11/11
Ghislaine - Charles 14/01/12
Mrsbigz - Callum 19/01/12
MyangelAva - Isabella 21/1/12
Bezzyk - Minibez II 2/2/12

LittlePoot Wed 13-Feb-13 19:19:27

Hi Maryangela-of course you're very welcome here, I'm just sorry that you need to be. I can certainly sympathise with how worried you must be-my now 2 year olds was pregnancy number 3 and I had a very hard time dealing with the termination and miscarriage before that. You've come to the right place though-its a little quiet at the moment but there are ladies here with ask sorts of stories, ultimately of hope, and wise words along the way. I hope you can take some comfort from the list of thread babies at the start-proof that it really can work out in the end. if kittens is around, she can certainly offer some empathy-multiple pregnancies before getting to this stage (about to start Nct classes!). But all of us will happily hold a virtual hand and keep everything crossed for your scan. You might have noticed a few are arranging a lunch in London soon which you'd also be more than welcome to join if you're any where near.
Katie's gone a bit quiet-a little dickie bird told me there might be a good reason for that.... xx

LittlePoot Wed 13-Feb-13 19:21:56

Oops-just read that back-please excuse my mobile phone typing and the screwy predictive text! x

ghislaine Thu 14-Feb-13 13:13:24

Hi Maryangela and welcome to the thread, there are lots of wonderful women here who know what you are going through and will chat to you.

Have you considered the Harmony test? You could have it at ten weeks which might mean that you have the results before your nuchal scan. I am pretty sure that I will have it at the earliest possible date in any subsequent pregnancy although I'm still not sure whether I'd be able to convince myself to rely on the results and not have a cvs.

Oh, and please do consider coming to our lunch on the 16th of March!

ghislaine Thu 14-Feb-13 13:14:27

ps - I just looked at the list. Have there really not been any thread babies for a year now?

Pizdets Thu 14-Feb-13 17:37:23


Bolstered by Maryangela, I'll dip my toe in the water. Have had some lovely support from you ladies a few months ago when we went through a tfmr for a chromosomal deletion, am pleased to say I'm now 7 weeks pregnant again.

Mostly feeling rough at the moment, much worse than last time although mainly woozy, exhausted and bloaty, not sick yet so far. Next week am going to see the genetic counsellor before my booking in to talk about screening/testing options. Feel quite nervous as the probs we had were pretty rare and the new tests won't pick it up.

Any words of support or advice welcome. Maryangela, congrats on your pregnancy and will keep fingr crossed for you!

katiecubs Thu 14-Feb-13 19:35:03

Hi all - I have a little news, baby Seth was born on pancake day at 4.43pm weighing 7lb 4oz. Waters went in sainsburys buying pancake supplies and he was in my arms 3 hours later so a much better experience than the 30 or so hours of last time! We are home now and very vey happy with our new little guy - he is the spitting image of his big bro (who is a bit less impressed with him but coming round!)

Sorry for lack of personals not had time to read through but welcome and congrats Mary and Pizdets and hope everyone else is well x

ghislaine Thu 14-Feb-13 20:20:23

Brilliant news Katie, just brilliant. I bet you gave the Sainsbury's staff something to talk about! Welcome to the world little Seth and hope to meet you soon....

Welcome too to Pizdets. I hope you start to feel better soon. What sort of tests might they offer you?

manitz Thu 14-Feb-13 22:14:14

many congratulations katie. Did you get free shopping or is that just mothercare?! Love the name.

Welcome to pizdets and Maryangela. I don't get on much any more but try to look in when I can. I had my second termination in 2010 and now have a 16m old ds and found this thread really helpful during that pregnancy. It is a really scary process especially if you know it can happen more than once. I just found it helpful to realise that i could get through it and that others had similar concerns and issue that I was facing at the time.

Good luck over the coming months and hope you feel welcome to come on the meet up .x

Havingkittens Fri 15-Feb-13 14:14:31

Yay! Congratulations Katie! I hope you can make it on 16th so we can meet Seth grin.

Welcome to Pizdets and Maryangela. So sorry you've had to find yourselves here but it does make a difference to be able to talk to others who've been in your shoes.

Yes, I can certainly empathise Maryangela. This is my 7th pregnancy and the first that's made it this far. My history makes for fairly grim reading so I won't share it but rest assured there is hope and in most cases these chromosomal abnormalities are random and won't happen again. The list of thread babies at the beginning of this thread will hopefully demonstrate that.

flower11 Fri 15-Feb-13 16:39:47

Congratulations Katie, and congratulations to mary and pizdets on your pregnancies.

Ghislaine the list hasnt been updated Hannah was born oct 18th 2012. She is 4 months old on monday, I go back to work begining of april eek !!

japp Mon 18-Feb-13 10:05:42

Hi everyone

I have not posted here before. I had 4 rounds of IVF to conceive my daughter (having given up my job to follow this path) and within a year of her being born fell pregnant naturally. So happy and excited, only to find abnormalities at the 12 wk scan. We decided to tfmr.

I am now pregnant again and am waiting for the cardiogram to be done on wednesday.

I just wanted a bit of advice i am driving myself crazy about sitting next to my wifi router for the first few months of pregnancy without switching it of, really worried i may have caused some damage to the baby ? does anyone know anything about this ?

Many Thanks


ghislaine Tue 19-Feb-13 12:58:56

Hello japp and welcome to the thread, You will find lots of understanding here.

It's natural to worry about every little thing we do in pregnancy and whether that might have some effect. I don't know anything about the impact of wi-fi myself but I spent virtually all of my last pregnancy in front of the computer and my son is fine. Perhaps something to ask about tomorrow?

maryangela Thu 21-Feb-13 01:04:11

thanks..... and congrats on your pregnancies pizdets and japp. i have my fingers/toes crossed for you both. how far along are you japp? also congrats to you katie on the safe arrival of your precious baby.
i would love to be able to come along to the lunch but unfortunately i can't as am living in asia. such a good idea to get together.
well, it's only 8 more sleeps until my OSCAR screening and i'm already having dreams about it. if i was living in the uk i would def be looking into the new tests - harmony isn't it? unfortunately it's not offered here sad
how do i try and stay calm and positive leading up to next fri? how are you others managing?

ghislaine Fri 22-Feb-13 12:11:20

Good luck with the OSCAR scan - I take it that's the 12 week/nuchal? In terms of coping I'm afraid I adopted the denial approach. I avoiding looking up due date calendars, thinking ahead, all that stuff, and just pretended mostly that I wasn't pregnant. I think a few others here have done the same.

maryangela Wed 27-Feb-13 02:52:18

Yep, it's the 12 wk combined screening but I'm having it at 11wks 2 days. Nuchal and bloods.
I am on a constant yo-yo. I think ahead and imagine being heavily pregnant and also imagine our newborn but then I flip back to it not working out. We are supposed to be heading back to NZ to see family 2.5 wks after the scan and I've said if things go the same way as last time we won't go. I am just so desperate to know if this baby is ok. In less than 48 hrs we'll have a fair idea. Shame the scan is on a fri as will prob have to wait til at least mon to get results. If there is a high risk we will have a cvs.
How are you going japp and pizdets?

maryangela Mon 04-Mar-13 05:40:57

Combined results just came in. Low risk of t13,t18 & t21. I am in disbelief. The tears have been flowing with relief and also sadness for the little boy who had t13 who we lost. Hopefully I can start feeling a bit more positive and start to enjoy this pregnancy...but guess the worry never leaves...
Hope everyone else is doing ok x

ghislaine Mon 04-Mar-13 22:07:59

That's great news, and must be such a relief.

Japp, how did your echocardiogram go? Good news, I hope.

LittlePoot Tue 05-Mar-13 07:24:27

Oh that's fantastic-congratulations maryangela. I do remember how good that felt. In my case, I was still quite nervous for the 20 week scan but not as bad, and then I really did manage to relax and enjoy.

On another note, are we still aiming to meet up on Saturday 16th? Who's coming? x

ghislaine Tue 05-Mar-13 10:29:34

I'm definitely coming! Same venue as planned before? I can come to anywhere in central London.

Pizdets Tue 05-Mar-13 11:15:05

Maryanglea, that's great news, so pleased for you! Still 2 weeks until my scan, am starting to find it really hard because I'm getting worse at ignoring the pregnancy and seem to have a little daydream about it then come crashing down when I realise what I've let myself do.

Had my booking in and met with the genetic counsellor 2 weeks ago, we agreed that we'd have a call to discuss my bloods a week after the scan (although they were actually OK last time) then I'll have a scan at 16 weeks and at 20 weeks with the consultant, assuming all goes OK at 12 weeks. Apart from that there are no guarantees, unless we opt for invasive testing, we'll have to rely on the scans to reassure us. Hoping that I can try and relax a bit after 12 weeks!


LittlePoot Fri 08-Mar-13 13:40:46

Oh pizdets-its so hard isn't it? But things will be clearer after the12 week scan I'm sure, and fingers crossed they'll be clearer in the right way.

Ok, so is out just me and Ghislaine for lunch on the 16th?! Surely somebody else would like to come and join us?! x

LittlePoot Fri 08-Mar-13 17:03:29

Just heard from coffee and she's coming too on the 16th.

LittlePoot Fri 08-Mar-13 20:39:25

And Katie. And the new squishy baby Seth.... xxx

Havingkittens Tue 12-Mar-13 08:02:20

And waddling kittens wink

manitz Wed 13-Mar-13 20:39:27

and manitz. will you message details?

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