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NT 3.2mm at 13+3 - can't stop worrying and googling

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PiggyMad Sat 08-Oct-11 14:19:51

I had my NT scan on Thursday and nothing was mentioned about the NT measurement at all. I got home and read on my notes that it is 3.2mm. All of the information I have read states that anything over 2.9 is high risk. I have been beside myself for the past three days and can't stop googling and worrying.

I rang the screening dept and asked why nothing had been mentioned to me and she said that they consider anything up to 3.5mm as normal and just to wait until the blood results come back. I'm 26 so know the age risk factor is on my side, but I was just hoping for positive stories. I'm not concerned so much about Down's Synrome as we have agreed that we would continue with a pregnancy in this case, but I am really worried about Turner/Edwards/Patau syndrome.

I'm really hoping for some positive stories to reassure me.

OliviaTwist Sat 08-Oct-11 14:26:27

Here is a really positive story for you.

Firstly, where I live, 3.5mm is the cut off, so if I had your measurement there would have been no issue.

Secondly, NT gets bigger the later on you are and they don't use it after (?) 13+5.

Ok, positive story. My NT measurement was 4.6mm at 12+0. That is well beyond the 99th centile. Rubbish bloods gave me a 1 in 3 for DS, other trisomies were low risk though.

I had an amnio which was clear and DS is now 22 weeks and is normal (as far as we know)!

Are you waiting for bloods to give a combined risk or did they givce you a risk factor on NT alone?

Catslikehats Sat 08-Oct-11 14:27:14

Please try not to worry and step away from google.

I have been in your position, well actually slight worse in that I was having a CVS at 9+4 due to having had a son with Down's syndrome and at that point the NT was 3.4. I was scanned by a professor at one of the top London teaching hospitals so there was no danger he had read the result wrong and I was gutted.

CVS results came back clear but I was told to prepare for likelihood of heart problems. Fast forward to now and I have a gorgeous, healthy 7 month old who is crawling all over the house grin

Good luck

PiggyMad Sat 08-Oct-11 14:34:18

Thank you Queen and Olivia - it's so nice to hear about your happy outcomes and healthy babies.
I've only read negative stories on the internet - but I suppose people without problems don't feel the need to post about them, maybe?

I am waiting for the bloods to come back and was told that I would receive a phone call within a few days if there was a major problem, otherwise I will receive a letter within two weeks.

Now I'm stressing about being upset and stressed and the effect that this could have on the baby. confused

rhetorician Sat 08-Oct-11 22:36:50

another positive story: nuchal fold 2.77, but a week or so earlier than yours, plus bad bloods etc etc, gave 1:11 odds for DS, had cvs, and all clear, as were scans at 20 and 24 weeks. Baby girl due in 8 weeks. Fingers crossed for you (cut-off here is 2.5mm)

PiggyMad Tue 11-Oct-11 17:31:45

Thanks for your story rhetorician and congratulations on your baby girl!

Received phone call from screening midwife today to say my bloods weren't labelled correctly so they weren't analysed. Had to rush in again today to get them taken again as I'm 14+1 and today is the cut off for the blood results to be valid. I was so upset about it as I've been anxious anyway sad.

The midwife is going to give me a call by Friday afternoon to let me know the overall results straight away.

mummytoh1 Tue 11-Oct-11 18:03:51

Piggymad how annoying! I popped on to share my positive story with you. My NT was 2.6mm which while not as high as yours it was still higher than u think most people get. The cut off in my area for concern is above 3.5mm so the sonographer wasn't concerned at all.

I did go on to get a high risk result of 1:15 but the risk was attributed to very dodgy blood results rather than the nuchal fold measurement. A CVS then gave the all clear. The story ended happily and my DS2 will be 6 months old in a week.

I also know a few other people with nuchals of between 2.5 and 3.5mm whose babies were also fine. I think the risk of a problem below 3.5mm is very small percentage wise. I can't remember what the different percentages were now but I did readit in a research studies results and the risks only got significant with much higher measurements. I hope that helps a little and that you get good news on Friday. Claire x

PiggyMad Tue 11-Oct-11 18:46:53

Thanks for that mummy - I'm trying to distract myself by buying lots of new clothes and shoes as daren't buy anything baby-reated yet hmm!!
ps also called Claire!

mummytoh1 Fri 14-Oct-11 16:56:02

Claire, I've found that report - hope the link works!

Claire x

PiggyMad Mon 17-Oct-11 17:45:38

Thank you for that report Claire - it was quite reassuring.

Good news for me - finally got my combined blood/age/nuchal results back and my risk is 1:25,814!! Obviously it is just a risk and I could still be that '1', but I feel more comfortable with the risk now.

So hopefully anyone else googling and worrying about a close-to-cut off or just over cut off NT can be a bit reassured that it doesn't automatically mean your result is high risk.

mummytoh1 Tue 18-Oct-11 13:57:39

That's excellent news Claire, what a brilliant result. I hope you can now relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

PiggyMad Tue 18-Oct-11 14:52:31

I'm going to start telling people that I'm pregnant now - wanted the all-clear from scan and screening first.

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