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Advice / experiences please

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Davidsmom Thu 06-Oct-11 23:34:31

I am 42 and have 2 DC. I would like to try for another DC. A day doesnt go by since my DD when I dont think about another child My DH is not keen to say the least and we are definitely not TTC. Its probably too late anyway but...

At my age I have decided if he was to change his mind and I did get pregnant I would have a CVS earlish. (I had an aminio at 16 weeks with youngest DC 2 1/2 but of course couldnt be sure what I would actually do if there were an anormality found)

I think I need to know exactly what finding out about an abnormality and subsequent termination at this stage actually entails at my age (or any age I suppose). If I knew the reality perhaps it would alter my perceptions and make me realise what I would be getting into.

I dont want to offend or upset anyone but wondered if aanyone would consider sharing their experiences.

katyfi Fri 07-Oct-11 10:45:16

My experience is not a good one. I am 36 and we went for our first dating scan on the 19th Sept - 11 weeks and 2 days so too soon for nt measurement. Returned on the 29th sept -12+5 to have a NT measurement of 7.4mm. This gengerated an instant referral to the regional fetal unit at LGI. We went for this on Wed 3rd oct and had both internal and external scan. We had prepared for the worst results from the CVS test but this was not done as a heatbeat was not found. We were not prepared for this as the heartbeat was strong less than a week before.
I have taken dose of Mifepristone and there is a bed for me in the hospital tomorrow. I need to go through a L&D for a "missed miscarrage" at the local care path dictates.
The hospitals have been fantastic during this traumatic time. I have not yet experienced any pain or bleeding yet. I am not sure what to expect tomorrow so am frightened and worried.
I will relay my experience next week.

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