9.7mm Nuchal fold - no other markers - likelyhood of a baby with downs syndrome?

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Helzy Thu 06-Oct-11 15:47:03

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages in the last couple of years.
At my scan last week I was told my baby's nuchal fold measured 9.7mm and there were no other issues (baby measured as it should be, and heart seemed healthy etc etc) - I know this is much higher than average so wondered if anyone had measured this at their 20 week scan, and if their baby was either born with or without downs syndrome?

The end result wont affect mine and husbands decision about this baby as I have a very close relationship with a cousin who has downs syndrome and we can think of far worse conditions for a child to be born with. I suppose its more to clarify the likelyhood - we refused the amnio due to previous losses - this baby means more to us than placing it at risk just now when we will find out very soon anyway.

thanks in advance for any advice given xxxxxx

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mrsbigz Thu 06-Oct-11 21:59:56

hi, i'm afraid i've not really got any words of wisdom just didn't want this post to go unanswered. firstly congrats on your pregnancy - even more special after suffering losses smile
i'm not sure about the nuchal fold measurement. yes it is quite large- BUT they should (as far as i'm aware) only take the nuchal measurement into consideration between about 11w5d and 13w6d - so maybe it is not so high for a baby who is 20wks? there is a strict rule about this when you are having the combined nuchal and bloods done at your dating scan. did you have the nuchal scan done then? if so what were your measurements - did you get a risk factor of any sorts.
it would make sense to me that the bigger the baby grows, the larger the nuchal measurement would be. and it is a very good sign that there are no other soft markers and that the heart looks good and healthy.

i hope someone else comes along shortly who is able to shed a bit more light / experience on a nuchal measurement at 20wks. and i wish you and your baby all the best xxxxxxxxxx

Helzy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:06:24

thank you so much xxx

My husband and I made a decision not to take the nuchal test at 12 weeks as we felt blessed already, and agreed we would cope with any eventuality...so I have no idea what the baby's nuchal measurements were at that stage...

I have searched online and there arent any other posts indicating a baby with a nuchal measurement like ours at 20 weeks...so I don't know what the actual likelyhood is......

We will love this baby no matter what and will feel so proud to....thank you for replying xxxxx

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peanuts777 Mon 10-Oct-11 10:59:33

Hi all,
We had a completely normal 12 weeks scan with very good results for nuchal translucency. We then had a very good nuchal fold result (5.8mm) at 20 weeks, well within the normal limits. The only thing they commented on was a slightly echogenic bowel. This was apparently caused by the fact that the placenta had 15% "lakes" thus there was blood and debris in the amniotic fluid. Babe had ingested it and we were told that this was the cause of the mild "brightening" of the bowel. THey asked me to come back at 24 weeks and 28 weeks to check that there was no further bleeding of my placenta.

We went back on Friday (24 weeks) and they told us that the nuchal fold had tripled (15.0mm) and there was now a worrying level of fluid at the back of the neck which could indicate a sever genetic condition and to prepare ourselves for the worst.
We were taken to King's for an emergency amnio and we are waiting for results from the TORCH screen test and the amnio now........
Horrific. We are absolutely distraught and have no idea what to do. They have warned me that the baby may die in the womb, or that it may be advisable to have a late termination. Neither of which I can bare the thought of and I haven't slept or stopped crying since Thursday.

I can't offer you any advice as I'm completely in the dark myself and can't find anyone else who has been through this, but we just have to try to stay strong and concentrate on any positive things that we can.
All the best and keep in touch,

onlybananas Thu 13-Oct-11 22:15:14

Hi peanuts, I just thought I'd add my experience. They spotted echogenic bowel at 21 weeks and took us off into a separate room to talk to us about cystic fibrosis. We both had blood tests and had an agonising two and a half week wait for the results. During that time I drove myself mad trying to find answers on the net and hospital had prepared us for one in four chance of cyclic fybrosis or trebling of downs risk. In the end I managed to see dr nikolaides in the fetal medicine centre. I mentioned that I had had placental lakes in my previous pregnancy and he looked again and told me my baby was swallowing blood from these gaps in my placenta. He tapped the bump and showed me how the screen looked like a snowstorm I.e. Bits of blood in the fluid . Our daughter was born healthy and is now three and a half. I remember that being such a worrying time and I really sympathise. Sometimes I think they tel you too much - even when they don't know exactly what it is? Really good luck.

peanuts777 Mon 17-Oct-11 19:22:52

Hi onlybananas,
Thanks so much for your reply.
Prof Nicolaides performed the amnio and we saw him again last Wednesday for another scan.
the placental lakes are not a problem and the bowel is so slightly echogenic that he is not concerned. But, everyone at the fetal med unit at King's and the fetal med centre are very concerned by the fact that the baby's nuchal fold is still 12mm. There are still no other markers.
We are having another scan next week and we are just praying it has gone down, or stayed the same and not spread throughout the body (fetal hydrops) as this would mean having a termination and i'm over 25 weeks now and the thought is literally killing me.......
Thank you so much for giving me some positive words though, they are all we have in this time.
One minute I feel convinced everything is going to be ok and the next I feel like a tidal wave of fear and anxiety has washed over me. I just wish I could sleep and wake up when everything is ok or over.
Thank you again and I'm so pleased that everything worked out for you and you have a beautiful healthy little girl,
Peanuts x

onlybananas Tue 18-Oct-11 22:08:22

Hi Peanuts,

That sounds really tough - and I bet it is impossible to clear your mind while waiting for the next scan- especially as by 25 weeks you have a proper bump.
I really hope that it works out for you.
Good luck

peanuts777 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:03:14

How is it going? Have you had any more news? X

190CB Thu 02-Jul-20 19:29:09

Hi Peanuts, what was the outcome? My baby is currently measuring at 15mm nuchal fold and i am due Monday. X

Baby3April2021 Fri 08-Jan-21 19:47:24

Can anyone share the outcome? I had a 7.5 mm nuchal fold at 21 weeks but a negative NIPT, so I'm looking to see how this has gone for others!

BuRaccoon Tue 23-Mar-21 20:09:11

I just had my 20 week scan and am measuring at 7.4mm too. How did the further testing and birth go ?

BuRaccoon Tue 23-Mar-21 20:11:01

Hello, did you get further testing and if so, how did it go ? I had 7.4mm at my 20 week scan and am freaking out

Baby3April2021 Tue 23-Mar-21 21:00:37

I had a negative nipt in the first trimester but then my 20 week scan showed a 7.5 MM nuchal fold. No other markers. Ended up getting an amnio and all is fine. No Downs.

BuRaccoon Wed 24-Mar-21 09:25:42

Baby3April2021 thank you for sharing and I hope your pregnancy is going well.

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