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Early DS screening options - what's out there?

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AdiVic Wed 05-Oct-11 11:26:04

Hello - Just looking for advice/experiences on early tests available for Downs. Back in Feb this year I terminated my pregnancy due to Downs (and some other probs) being picked up after the 12 week scan, bloods and a CVS. I am pregnant again (about 5/6 weeks) and am wondering if there are any early tests that can be done privately??? I have heard of OSCAR testing at Bristol, but this is done between 11 - 14 weeks. I have also heard of a unit in London which can do the screening earlier, but not too sure where to find the info. I have been offered the standard tests on the NHS, 12 weeks, bloods and then CVS etc, but the whole process took soooo long last time, I cannot bear to go through that long process again - i nearly lost my mind last time. I have been given a 1 in 100 chance of a chromosomal prob going into pregnancy based on age (37) and what happened before. I just want to know asap. Any advice,or happy experiences would be very much appreciated xx

mrsbigz Wed 05-Oct-11 12:26:40

hi there,

i would speak to ARC (antenatal results and choices) - they may know places near to you. also the fetal medicine centre in London (FMC) with Prof Nicolaides do the nuchal and (if wanted) the CVS - and i've only heard good things about them, although they are private.
when you had your tx back in Feb, did they give you any advice when you fell pregnant again?

i'm now 16wks pregnant after a tx (also for T21 and a CH) in march, and i was advised to bypass my MW and call the AAU (antenatal assessment unit) when i found out i was pregnant......i'm now under consultant care. i had a reassurance scan at 8 wks, they booked me in for the NHS nuchal at 11w4 (although i actually had a local private one done in the end as i wanted as much info as poss to avoid invasive testing).

FWIW i'm also 37 smile and so far this pregnancy seems to be going well. our combined results from the nuchal were 1:1700 (compared to 1:5 with my angel baby) plus they saw a nasal bone so we're confident enough to avoid cvs/amnio!

Hope this has helped some and wish you all the best with your pregnancy!!! am sure others will be along soon to add their thoughts xx

AdiVic Wed 05-Oct-11 12:57:50

It's great hearing happy news, and I'm glad your pregnancy is going wellsmile I would love to avoid the CVS again! Your NHS trust is generous giving you an 8 week scan - I might try and get one, although they dont' seem to want to do anything out of the ordinary here. I think I will do as you did and go for a private scan as well - thank you Mrsbigz, and good luck with yours xx

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