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Contaminated Amnio sample

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Alikersh Wed 14-Sep-11 13:22:18

This is a bit of a rant, sorry...
So I had my amnio last week & after much to-ing & fro-ing on the phone to the hospital I finally got told that the sample was contaminated by red blood cells and wasn't suitable for the fast track test. I think, but the midwife wouldn't say that it was caused by the doctor needing to take 3 goes to get through the lining of the womb. I also got told that the sample may be too contaminated to actually culture properly and they may ask for another.
I'm not doing it. I'm 17 weeks now, won't find out for at least another week if this one is suitable & quite frankly I'm not brave enough to do it again!
My risk was 1 in 100 so it's not massivley high.
Bloody annoyed - not least with the midwife who breezily told me that "no news is good news"... er, unless I'm being stupid, no news in this case is not good news as I was told to expect some news at least!

ImpyCelyn Wed 14-Sep-11 14:23:16

How horribly frustrating for you. It's the last thing you need as well.

I really hope though that they do manage to use the sample, even if they can't fast track it. You went through the procedure after all, it'd be nice if it turned out to have some benefit.

In your position I think I also wouldn't have it done again. I seem to recall the risk for an amnio is about 1 in 100 as well, so if you're happy to leave it I would.

Hope you're alright smile

mrsbigz Wed 14-Sep-11 22:09:01

i'm sorry to hear you've had such a horrible time. i had an amnio back in march and the waiting for the results was the absolute worst bit - and to be told (after you having to chase them!!!!) that the sample wasn't suitable i would be really peed off.....firstly they should have told you!! and it took 3 goes for them to get the needle in??? i too would not go back and have another one done.....i think with those odds they kind of balance each other out. plus you'll have your 20wk scan coming up shortly anyway.
hope you find out one way or another whether they can use the sample for the karyotyping - best of luck xxxxx

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