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Down's syndrome test confusion

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Jellyboobs Wed 31-Aug-11 17:36:59

Oh buggery hell!
I always think I have finally decided and then....ooops, change my mind again. Now it's come to the day before I go back to see the midwife and I am NOW panicking about what she's going to do. I've got an appointment with her at the local GP's surgery, not the hospital, so assuming it won't be an amniocentesis needle poking full on test, but what will happen? Is it a blood test to check the risk, followed by an amnio if you want it? Or does the 20 week scan show up risk factors? My cousin has Down's so I'd like to be prepared in advance if my baby has too.
My appointment's in the morning and I have a nasty feeling that I'm going to get there and I'll be wasting her time as she can't do anything there. I'm 19 + 4 so from what I've read it's the last chance to do anything this week. I'M SOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!
Can anyone help me with the order of things?

Off to cry a bit.


azazello Wed 31-Aug-11 21:10:04

It will probably be a blood test which will be analysed for risk factors for Downs but they will also have a look for markers at the 20 week scan and can give you a better idea of risk if you want it.

You can also still have an amnio if you think you need to. I don't quite understand what you mean about it being your last chance to do anything. You can have tests later in the pregnancy if you want to, and you can abort for disabilities until birth if that is your concern.

DuchessofCambridge Wed 31-Aug-11 21:17:21

I presume you talking about the Barts test? You dont have to have it but, if you have decided to (and I did with both of mine) you will have a sample of blood taken. It then gets sent off and is analysed. It will give a ratio estimation of the chance of downs eg 1:5600 as with my first child or 1:650 with my second. My midwife always said that they will phone you pretty quickly if the results are on the high side. If you dont hear for 2 weeks forget about it apparently. From memory if it is less than 1:250 you will be offered an amniocentisis. Again, you dont have to have one. The difference with the amnio is that it will give you a yes/no answer.
The vast majority of women receive reassuring results from the blood test and so I wouldnt worry yourself unnecessarily. For me it was all about information - I wanted to know so that I could fully prepare myself. Other women choose not to know because the chances are the baby wont have Downs and why spend your pregnancy fretting over something which is unlikely. Sadly, with much of all of this, there will be an emphasis on your age - anything over 35 carries a higher risk. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

misty0 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:25:38

Hi jellyboobs (felt strange typing that!)

Where abouts are you? UK?

Here, (Northants) we have first bloods taken at around 8/9 weeks, then a dating/soft marker scan at 13 weeks, with more blood checks then too. 20 week scan follows that, and as the above posters have said you will be offered amnio if you are found to have a high risk factor, but you dont have to have it done if you dont want it.

Good luck, and best wishes x

Jellyboobs Wed 31-Aug-11 21:50:47

Oh Duchessofcambridge, thank you SO much. That is amazingly helpful, so much more relaxed now, and prepared. Just so much betterto.understand theorder of things. THANKYOU!!!
Misty0, thank you, cos I had bloods ealierand my midwife hadntmentioned anything, I thouht I'd missed my chance to have that part of the trst or something (major dizzy)
azazello, ive been reading too many opinions i think, so much i read made it look like 20 weeks is the last chance to have these tests, plus i didnt register at the midwife til 14 weeks, and feel like im.late for everything! Terminating isnt something im considering at all, but thanks so much for your help.
Big breath out , ready for anything now!

DuchessofCambridge Thu 01-Sep-11 21:32:49

hope it was all fine for you today OP

Jellyboobs Fri 02-Sep-11 15:35:35

Thank you, it was, went in, had blood sucked out, put up with some mockery from the OH, and general whinging that he had to get up early, that was the most painful part. Blood's gone off to be tested, they will let me know in the post.
Thanks again.

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