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Amnio in 2 weeks

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Alikersh Fri 26-Aug-11 12:12:56

I'm in total limbo. I've read up on it and the test itself isn't worrying me that much. I just can't get myself together at all. I've stopped thinking about the baby, I'm usually really houseproud & can't get sorted even though there's loads to do, I usually take the Dc's out for a treat at the end of the holidays and haven't even thought about it yet, we're househunting for a bigger place but I keep wondering if we really need to and I'm trying to ignore the very definite movements I'm feeling now.
I think I've convinced myself that this will be the 1 in 100 chance I was given that something is wrong and can't shake it off at all.
My DH is telling me not to worry too much and is being lovely about it - taking me out to cheer me up and generally spoiling me with little treats but it's not working at all.
I think I need a good slap tbh, I know the amnio is more common than I thought and the chances are the outcome will be good but I'm worrying about everything, down to whether how i feel now will affect bonding with the baby when it's born... sorry for the whinge xxx

mrsbigz Fri 26-Aug-11 12:21:15

hi - don't worry about having a whinge, what you are going through now is horrible, and any of us on here who have been through something similar i think would all agree that it is the waiting / not knowing that is the worst bit of the whole situation.
I think what your DH is doing sounds lovely, and although i completely understand why/how you are feeling about not wanting to do anything, maybe try and take the kids out, keep your mind occupied. i actually spent a LOT of time cleaning the house, and watching stupid movies (without any references to babies in them) and playing silly games on my phone while i was both waiting for my amnio and the subsequent results.
1:100 - means you have 99% chance that everything will be just fine, and while i know that's not a huge comfort while you're so worried, if you flip those odds, would you buy a lottery ticket if you had 99/100 chances of winning??
please feel free to come on here and vent whenever you need to, we've all been in your shoes and can offer you virtual hugs, advice and just a listening ear if that is what you need.
hope that the wait goes quickly as it can for you, and please keep us posted xxxx

Alikersh Fri 26-Aug-11 12:39:28

Thanks mrs bigz, as it happens my BIL has jut come round & whisked my DC's off for the afternoon & I'm going to tackle the utter pigsty that is my DS's bedroom... and the ironing. Keeping myself busy is exactly what is needed x

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