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Group Strep B

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Vixs4 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:17:43

I am 36 weeks now and have just been told I have a Group Strep B infection. Have been doing lots of research. Just wondered if anybody is going through or has gone through the same thing.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

munkiii Wed 17-Aug-11 20:47:03

Not personal experience but I researched it, my test ended up negative but from what I remember make sure it is in big letters on your birth plan and that you let them know as soon as you phone the ward.

I would also discuss it with your midwife and GP.

Good luck with the birth and don't worry- you know you have it and it can be dealt with in the appropriate way.

floatyjosmum Mon 22-Aug-11 00:18:03

i have group b strep. had antibiotics with ds but not in time so stayed in for him to have them and he was absolutely fine.
with dd i had them in time and were out by lunch the next day (had her at 8pm)

i had to have had the full dose of antibiotics (was a drip) at least 4 hours before birth and they didnt break my waters till last minute to reduce infection.

Hope this has helped x

bringonthetrumpets Mon 22-Aug-11 00:43:22

There is another option called a Hibiclense that can be done during labour. It's a wash that is diluted with water and used as a non-powerful douche. It's done every 4 hours or so during the labour process.

It's also wise to really evaluate your diet and cut out all types of sugars, white and processed foods and dairy as these are all types of things that keep the infection alive. Loads of protein, fresh veg and whole grains to boost your immune system to fight off the infection on its own.

You can also request a re-test at around 38-40 weeks to see if the infection has lessened. This type of bacteria can be prevalent at one time and then not as much another.

Letting the membranes stay intact and not artificially rupturing them and help prevent neonatal infection as well as minimal vaginal exams during labor lessen the chances of transmission to the baby.

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