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Second Opinion on OSCAR results - Should I... Please help!

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Appleseed365 Mon 25-Jul-11 09:38:58


I am 39 had my scan on Saturday at 13.3 and the results were 1:726 for DS after bloods. The fold was 1.6mm. This will be my first baby.

The woman was a senior midwife not a consultant and the clinic did not take any measurement from the nose or look at the heart valves apart from 'the heart was seen beating'.

Perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily but I was thinking of a second opinion at the FMC in London. I could go tomorrow as they have an appointment.

Am I nuts?

It would be another £200 or so... or should I really just sit back and enjoy the ride. All my other friends have had far greater stats, 1:600 etc... am I just being greedy/ silly/ foolish?

Sorry if this appears crazy, as I know I should be happy but there is a niggling that I can't shift.

Thank you for any advice smile


Appleseed365 Mon 25-Jul-11 09:59:57

(That should have read 1:6000 for friends stats!)

Mum2be79 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:47:50

How do you know that other measurements were not taken? My sonographer didn't even mention the nasal bone (and also said the heart was beating) but my odds came through at 1 in 25000.
I would trust the result you have been given as I am sure the ratio would not have been done if other measurements were not done. If it helps, my friends all got lower odds than me (1 in 400 and 1 in 250) and both had perfectly healthy little beans!
Try and enjoy your pregnancy. I know it's easier said than done as I too worry from time to time. I don't consider it 'normal' if you don't worry in one form or another!

Appleseed365 Fri 29-Jul-11 15:24:22

Thank you! She didn't measure it as its not a standard, but I did have a second opinion and the odds have jumped by double! I think I need to really think about the CVS/ Amnio risk as my situation is not so straight forward regarding a child with special needs.... its hard to make a decision and I know only I can make it... drat! Thanks for the info though. Best regards. x

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