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anyone else? Alpha Zero Thalassaemia Trait

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PinkM0nkey Fri 08-Jul-11 18:11:38

I got a call from my gp today to advise me after a number of blood tests turns out i have Alpha Zero Thalassaemia Trait, in a nut shell missing a couple of chromosomes (thats if ive understood the doctor correctly).

This is apparently very unusual in white Europeans, anyone else have it/heard of it??

What next?? i have to wait for a letter from the hospital now to tell me what happens next.

MyangelAva Fri 08-Jul-11 20:38:13

From what I understand it affects your red blood cells and can make you iron deficient, esp in pregnancy. They will prob test the baby's father next to check that he is not a carrier too. If he is not, I think the worst that can happen is that the baby is a carrier (like you) - a 1:4 chance. If he is then you have a chance of the baby being a carrier or a 1:4 chance of having a blood disorder.

My grandfather is a carrier as he is Greek Cypriot. I am White British but could have been a carrier if it had been passed on (which it wasn't). Do you or your partner have any Southern European e.g. Italian, Greek or North African relatives/ ancestors?

Good luck- I hope this helps and let us know how you get on. X

PinkM0nkey Fri 08-Jul-11 23:38:01

Thaks angel, no family history other than white british seems odd. x

catsareevil Fri 08-Jul-11 23:47:55

It doesnt mean that you are missing any chromosomes.

there is some information here

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