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12 weeks test - are my results correct?

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dinky1975 Fri 17-Jun-11 21:17:41

I am 35 and 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby (ds 21months). I went to the Fetal Medical centre for my NT yesterday and the results were:

Great scan: CRL55.4, NT 1.5 and everything else fine
Blood (not good) hcg 3.0436 (MOM) and PAPP-A .5275 (MOM)

combined score was 1:2278

Since then I have been researching low PAPP-A and have come across many other posts from people in similar positions (good scan, bad blood and 'old') and their combined results were much higher (ie at greater risk), then I found an earlier post on mumnet with a T21 online calculator, I inputted my results and got 1:319.

Does this sound normal? Is it really possible to get such a good score with such blood results at 35. Can anyone help?

I guess I will call FMC and ask them to confirm (I also want to ask what the abnormal blood work could mean in addition to chromosomal abnormalities) but if anyone can help that would be great.


tiokiko Fri 17-Jun-11 22:29:43

I think the Trisomy calculator that others have mentioned on here is pretty reliable so can understand why you're confused.

Could the FMC use some different inputs/ calcs to come up with your score? Definitely ask for clarification/explanation.

You could also call ARC for info - they told me there is a lot of natural variation in the blood results so don't mean too much on their own.

Whether the true score is the FMC one or the one via the online calc, both are low risk. I do understand you wanting to know which it is though (I had similar-ish issues trying to get my real score) but hope it's not worrying you.

Hope you get some answers from FMC and will feel reassured soon.

mummytoh1 Sat 18-Jun-11 16:43:35

The FMC are probably factoring in other things like presence of a nasal bone to lower your risk. Plus your by measurement is very good.

I'm 35 and in my last pregnancy got 1:15 with .39 mom Papp-a, 1.65 mom hcg and my 2.6mm. It was an nhs scan tho and so only includes those factors.

I'd definitely ring fmc fir clarification but I'm sure it's fine.

mummytoh1 Sat 18-Jun-11 16:44:57

Should say nt measurement!

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