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Norfolk & Norwich - anyone had an amnio or CVS there?

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ginghamspider Mon 23-May-11 22:10:30

Just got high risk results (1:45) and am considering either CVS or amnio depending on meeting with consultant tomorrow. Anyone else had invasive tests at the N&N?

ginghamspider Tue 24-May-11 09:50:10

Anyone in Norfolk?

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 24-May-11 09:53:25

Which consultant are you seeing?

I haven't had any of the invasive testing there, but a couple of friends have, plus my sil. My consultant there (am a potential VBACer) specialises in CVS and amnio so if it's him you're seeing I can provide some reassurance re what he's like.

ginghamspider Tue 24-May-11 11:32:39

Not sure until this afternoon. Can I let you know this evening and see if you recognise the name? Thanks for answering!

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 24-May-11 15:58:35

Of course. My friends and sil both had positive experiences with their tests btw, both during and in terms of results. I am happy to talk about the couple of consultants I have met. Have you posted in the antenatal results/choices/tests bit of MN and been to the ARC website?

jezebelle Wed 25-May-11 21:05:15

I've had no tests there as such but have had great experience there having had a rubbish experience elsewhere. My consultant is Martin Cameron, i had a fab sonograher too, a lady called Laura, she was a consultant sonograher and was fab smile

ginghamspider Thu 26-May-11 15:02:02

Hi I saw Richard Smith who was great. Went to discuss options and they said I could have the CVS straight way if I wanted. Luckily DH and I had done a lot of talking the night before so I went for it. DH waited outside with stir crazy 3 year old. Decided she would be too distracting to have in there so midwife did the hand holding bit although it was all actually fine and went smoothly. Now terrified about the results phone call - they said tomorrow or early next week....must say despite wishing I had no need of it - the care at N&N was great - very impressed so far. Much better than my old hosp in East London!

TurtlesAreRetroRight Thu 26-May-11 17:59:25

I'm glad you saw Richard Smith. He's my named consultant for this pregnancy and I actually met him when I was referred to him pre-pregnancy due to birth trauma issues. He is that right mix of good obstetric knowledge (he's been doing the job for a very long time despite looking so blooming young and running blardy marathons for fun) and awareness of emotions in pregnancy. I was hoping you'd see him. I know somebody who has also been under his care during a CVS and could not fault him. Likewise his team are very good at what they do and they do it daily. I think you can reassure yourself that in terms of access to somebody who is very clued up and sensitive about this area of pregnancy, you've got the right man. Also don't be afraid to contact him inbetween now and the results. He's very good at providing reassurance and has always been adamant that I contact him immediately should I need to talk about something.

I suppose now it's just that wait for results. There's no right or wrong way to get through it, nothing you should or shouldn't feel. MN is brilliant at this time I think and you mustn't ever be afraid to say what you think/feel. There will always be somebody who has been there.


ginghamspider Fri 27-May-11 18:17:41

Hello - just thought I'd let you know the early results all came back negative. Enormous relief and less worried about the full screening because Downs was the hospital's main concern. Wasn't certain what I would have done if it had been positive had moved from termination to thinking I couldn't go through with one after seeing the little arms and legs waving about so merrily on the scan. Feel so so lucky not to have to make that awful decision and anyone who does has my unbounded sympathy.

Richard Smith did appear to be about 14 and is clearly deranged re marathons. But my brother in law is running 145 miles non stop this weekend to raise money for Alzheimer's so it's all relative! Thanks very much for being MN at its best. X

TurtlesAreRetroRight Fri 27-May-11 18:22:30

Fabulous fabulous fabulous news. I'm so thrilled for you gingham. I am sure that the rest of the results will be just fine. You must be emotionally drained though.

Mr Smith makes me feel very old. He's been practising medicine for nearly 20yrs but still somehow looks like a young Clark Kent. He starts sentences with the words "I was cycling up Mount Ventoux and..." and I could not feel more pregnant and cumbersome. He's lovely too. Though I hope you never ever have to see him again.

Are you giving birth at the N&N? Have you seen they're opening a 4 room MLU there?

ginghamspider Sat 28-May-11 11:26:27

What's a MLU? Midwife Led Unit? Mother led?! Ideally I'd like a home birth because dcs 2 & 3 were home births and really fantastic but I'm not a militant home birther (if there is such a thing) and will keep an open mind, especially after these early scares. Also DC3 arrived so fast we'd never make it to the N&N (we are an hour away and there was heavy snow in Nov last year - when this one is due) so the midwives are planning a home birth bearing in mind each of my births has been half the time of the one before so at least all the gear will be here if we get to that point! If not I will be at the N&N.

ginghamspider Sat 28-May-11 11:26:49

I drove up Mt Ventoux with my Dad once and that was hard enough!

TurtlesAreRetroRight Sun 29-May-11 11:08:04

I drove up the Ventoux a few years ago. And had to stop halfway up for a wee. I was most impressed at all the cyclists schlepping up (including dh). Beautiful though once you're at the top, above the clouds with the fit people.

Yes Midwife Led Unit. I thought it great news for the N&N (or NNUH, I'm old). I was surprised that such a new teaching hospital, particularly one that trains midwives, didn't have a MLU. I wish I could use it tbh. I'm too high risk. Last time I planned a home waterbirth and had a blue light transfer after 6hrs of pushing and finally an emcs after a lot of intervention (hence the consultant led care). I'm 45 minutes from the hospital though and am not looking forward to driving there in labour. Might be irrelevant anyway if this boy doesn't flip to head down. It is nice to know though that if you're low risk the MLU option's there now.

Happy homebirthing. I'm more than a little green. Wish I'd managed it. Stupid pelvis/uterus/whatever.

issynoko Sun 29-May-11 11:19:51

When is your baby due? I hope it all goes well. I did love my home births but am ready to change all plans for the safety of the baby although, as you say, if the pattern is the same I will be giving birth on the Cromer road in winter. Yikes!

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