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Leakage after CVS

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Millymolliemandy Thu 23-Dec-10 16:01:40

Hi, I'm new to MN but just having a wobble after a CVS on Monday, was supposed to be getting the results today, but sadly the festive season has got in the way. Have felt pretty tender/sore since the procedure but have rested up and otherwise fine, but have noticed a bit of wetness, and not sure how much is enought to be worried about amniotic fluid leakage? Sorry it TMI. When I called the Fetal Medicine Unit they saidf if I was worried I should go to A&E which quite frankly is an appalling prospect, any advice from anyone who has had a CVS and experienced similar hugely appreciated!

mummytoh1 Thu 23-Dec-10 16:38:11

I've had a CVS and didn't had any leakage. Some wetness in pregnancy unrelated to the CVS is normal, due to hormones so it's possibly just that. However, I wouldn't take any chances - I know it's an awful prospect going to A&E but the worst case scenario is a heck of a lot worse... I'd go just to check.

Claire x

Millymolliemandy Thu 23-Dec-10 17:18:54

Hi Claire,

Really appreciate your response, thanks so much. Just went to my local GP and they were super nice and I got to see a doc really quickly who said unless it was alot, or brown, or blood then not to worry so now can go back to worrying about the results! The waiting is really horrible but taking lots of support from all the lovely ladies on here.

Millymolliemandy Thu 13-Jan-11 15:25:28

Just wanted to add to this in case anyone in a similar sitation saw this - I think you probably are inclined to panic a bit after a CVS, and my panic was compounded by the fact that the info pack the hospital gave me told me to call them if there was any fluid leaking after the procedure. I saw my consultant this week and he said you would definitely know if your were leaking amniotic fluid.

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