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What was your papp-a (mom) and beta hgc(mom) results?

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olii Mon 06-Dec-10 00:12:13

Hi ladies, for those that had the blood test part of the nuchal (ds) test what was you Papp-a result (in mom) and also your free beta hCG (also in mom) result if you don't mind me asking.
Would just like to get an average of the ladies on here as mine hasnt been explained to me properly but has affected my adjusted trisomy 21 risk. I seem to have a high beta hgc and low papp-a.
mine were;
NT was 1.30mm
-Free-B-HC:215.09IU/I equivalent to 3.878mom
-PAPP-A: 1.330IU/I equivalent to 0.687mom.
My risk came back as really debating as to whether i should have the amnio done as i have visited a few sites that have suggested that smoking does affect your blood in first tri screaning, eg papp-a levels.
would like to compare and also it would help me make my mind up with regards to having the amnio done on the 16/12/10.
many thanks,

squeezytoy Mon 06-Dec-10 10:21:09

Hello Olga,

MoM is multiple of the median - it's a way of expressing your levels in relation to the average so that an average reading is 1.

My results were PAPP-A 0.6 MoM and hCG 2.75 MoM which translates as: PAPP-A levels were a bit low - 0.6 compared to average of 1 - but remember the normal range will span either side of the average - and so 0.6 is probably not too much of a worry on its own. hCG was 2.75 MoM - this is high - I'm not sure how this compares with the normal range or what constitutes 'a bit high' or 'very high' but you can ask your clinicians about this if you want to place your result in a 'range'.

My total results - NT scan (2.5mm - approximately on the 75th-ish centile I think), age (40), bloods (above) and weight (normal) combined to give me a Down's risk of 1:7. That's high risk - so I had a CVS to confirm that the baby is normal (phew).

Your risk is a lot lower and your NT measurement is good. It might be worth asking your med team how accurate their testing is (and rates of false results etc) because hospitals/labs vary. Likewise, the risk of miscarriage after amnio varies from unit to unit so it's worth asking about the risks as well.

Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope you and your baby are both fine.

mummytoh1 Mon 06-Dec-10 13:44:47

My PAPPA-A was 0.39 MoM (very low), my hCG was 1.65 (not toooo bad) and NT was 2.6mm. This combined with my age (35) gave me a risk of down syndrome of 1:15. A CVS gave me the all clear.

I hope that this is helpful to you.

Claire x

Sparklies Mon 06-Dec-10 17:09:15

NHS NT: 1.6mm, PAPP-A 0.2, bHCG 1.91 risk 1 in 60

FMC NT: 2.2mm, PAPP-A 0.29, bHCG 1.73 risk 1 in 34

Age 34. The first scan was done 5 days before the second one, which was why the NT increased as it is supposed to, and the second one was a very detailed scan showing no markers so despite the fact my bloodwork "improved" for some reason the risk increased.

Every hospital seems to have its own method of calculating risk as far as I can tell.

I opted out of invasive testing prior to 32 weeks so I cannot tell you how it turned out.

Good luck!

pipoca Mon 06-Dec-10 18:44:37

Mine were nuchal fold 1.6mm, Papp-a 0.54 and HcG 2.75 giving me a risk of 1 in 68. Am waiting for amnio results which shold come thru on Friday.

RememberToPlaywiththeKids Mon 06-Dec-10 20:16:56

Mine (age 40) NT 2.85; PAPP-A 0.85; bHCG 2.75 gave a risk of 1 in 5. No invasive testing but cardiac defect found at 20 weeks so seems likely bubs has DS.

I do find it extraordinary that risks are coming out all over the place with very similar findings/results!

Sparklies Mon 06-Dec-10 22:28:48

Remember - my thoughts exactly! I see numbers all over the place that seem very similar yet the ratios are completely different.

I found out about a risk calculator online and whenever I've run my numbers through it, my risk comes out much nicer, heh. Said calculator claims to be based on the system most places use but that cannot be true given all the different numbers that are popping up.

spaceal Tue 07-Dec-10 10:32:03

What's the link, Sparklies?

Sparklies Tue 07-Dec-10 12:40:43

Here it is:

monkey32 Wed 08-Dec-10 11:22:32


I am 37
My results were
hCG 4.1152
PAPP-A 0.4174
NT 1.4mm

My blood results gave me a risk of 1:4 and my combined risk was 1:20. I had a CVS and everything is fine - no chromosomal abnormalities.

I think having the amnio is a really personal choice. I chose to have the invasive diagnostic testing as I wanted to know one way of the other if the baby had abnormalities. But everyone is different so it's up to you.

Bubandbump Wed 08-Dec-10 12:39:42

Just being curious, did anyone else with high hcg have really bad morning sickness? I am 19 weeks and still going strong...

My results were

Hcg 3.8
Papp-a 1.2
Nt 4 subsequently went to 5
Age 30

1 in 4 prior to increase in nt- 1 in 2 after.
Cvs and initial cardiac scan clear.

spaceal Wed 08-Dec-10 15:00:33


hCG 1.4
PAPP-A 0.25 or 0.3 can't quite remember
NT 1.6
Age 38

Got 1 in 19.

We haven't had an amnio/CVS so don't know if our little one does or doesn't have Downs. Am 27 weeks and we're going to wait and see.

Just did the calculator that Sparklies gave the link for and it gave me 1 in 87 or 1 in 122 (for 0.25 or 0.3 for the PAPP-A result respectively). Much more reassuring, but don't intend to raise my hopes.

Sparklies Wed 08-Dec-10 15:30:00

Yep, that calculator definitely seems to be more weighted towards NT being the big bad and seems less concerned with bloodwork. A friend had a very high NT so I ran her numbers through it just to see and the odds were 1 in 2 (worse than she had been told) so I figured I wouldn't tell her about the calculator wink Her amnio came back fine, happily enough!

I do honestly wonder if the same proportion of, say, 1 in 10s for mostly bloodwork reasons turn out to be positive as the number of 1 in 10s for mostly NT reasons turn out to be positive. Theoretically they should, but.. hmm. I hardly ever hear of anyone with a decent NT but hopeless bloodwork getting a positive diagnosis.

olii Thu 09-Dec-10 02:01:26

Hi Ladies, thanks so much for all the responses. Its been so helpful to compare the results plus I feel its def given me the confidence to go ahead with my amnio next week hmm.
Sparklies, thanks for the info about the risk calculator as it was quite reassuring.

brassmonkeyman Thu 23-Dec-10 18:06:47

Seasons Greetings all...

My wife had call yesterday and following results came out with a risk fator of 1:140 against a baseline for her age of 1:210 according to the hospital.

Obviously scary to be told its high risk, but we are doing the interweb searching thing and scaring ourselves even further with web nonsense. Having said that compared to some results on here, I think we should put our worries into perspective. The amnio carries a higher risk level than the screening would suggest, although it is probably the lesser of 2 evils. Mrs bmm is braving an amnio after xmas so we will have a tentative time waiting...

Anyone with an idea how they get the results figured out? Or what they mean? I have royally confused myself with google.

Age at EDD: 38
Pregnancy: #2
Non smoker
No family history of DS / Chromosome probs
NT - 1.5 mm : CRL 63mm
hCGb - MoM 1.92 U/L (Corr.Mom 1.84)
AFP concentration - 9.4 U/mL
PAPP-A Mom 0.49 (corr MoM 0.39)

Bubandbump Fri 24-Dec-10 09:40:08

Brassmonkeyman, there are other people who have done a lot more research into the bloods than me as both our nt and bloods were so ridiculously high.

But basically your nt is normal at 1.5mm - anything under 2 is seen as fine so the increase in probability has come from the bloods.

The indicators that they monitor against are raised bHCG against the median 'normal' of 1 and a decreased papp-a against the normal mom of 1.

As your wife has slightly raised bhcg and slightly lower papp-a than the norm, the probability which uses age as a base risk is slightly increased. According to my hospital, you would only just fall into a higher risk category at 1:140 as their cut off is 1:150.

As you can see from the above posts, there are lots of cases where the blood results increase the probabilities and everything is fine. There are even some of us where our blood results are just crazy in comparison to a mom of 1 and everything is fine.

I know it's hard to stop worrying but your results mean a 0.7 per cent chance of something being wrong. They are pretty good odds for you!

GoldFrakkincenseAndMyrrh Fri 24-Dec-10 09:50:30

I may be being really dense but what does it mean if your Papp-A and HCG are both high? Or both low?

Bubandbump Fri 24-Dec-10 10:45:40

I am not sure - my bhcg was v high and my papp-a was slightly raised. When we got the nuchal of 4mm they gave us a 1 in 7 probability and then combined with the bloods a 1 in 4, so the raised hcg definately affected the probabilities but not sure if it was affected in any way by the raised papp-a.

brassmonkeyman Sun 02-Jan-11 01:48:16

Thanks for the responses so far. Mrs BMM is going for amnio on Thursday. Obviously neither of us is looking forward to it, but its the only way of being sure about the ds risk. We have read more stuff on the internet (mostly tosh!) about interpreting the screening test results, but unfortunately nothing can replace the certainty that amnio provides. This will be a long week! Fingers crossed...

brassmonkeyman Thu 06-Jan-11 22:39:32

Mrs BMM had amnio today so its a waiting game now.... get results on Tuesday.

Think it went ok - not that I am any expert obviously. Consultant commented on the clarity of the amniotic fluid. Ultrasound showed baby moving about nicely - saw strong heatbeat, mouth, nose, arms, spine etc. It amazed me quite how quick the whole process was. Mrs BMM is taking it easy - early days but there are no immediate concerns or excessive pain apparently. Mind you she ha a much higher pain threshold than me of course...

On the subject of figures and the risk calculator, does anyone know what the typical figures are for afp during pregnancy? I have not found any definitive base line figures, and when I used the on line risk calculator using nt and afp take at 12w5d, mrs bmm risk was really negligible. Only way we will know for sure is next week @ hospital assuming the sample was sufficient.

brassmonkeyman Wed 12-Jan-11 01:09:55

Quick results today - all clear - relief all round. Just got the full culture results to go next week. Anyone any experience of getting good quick result and not so good full results?

mummytoh1 Wed 12-Jan-11 13:36:52

BMM, so pleased to read that you and your wife got clear quick results today. It's such a huge relief, isn't it!

The chances of a problem being found on the full results are very very rare indeed. Of course, it does happen, but keep in mind that it is very unlikely.

I had good initial and full results, like the vast majority do.

Claire x

olii Thu 13-Jan-11 06:11:39

Hi ladies,hope all is well and a happy new year to every one....Bmm, just want to say am really pleased for your wife, hope she can now start to enjoy her pregnancy now!
Well as for me just wanted to give you an update regarding my situation. First of all i never got round to having my amnio done which i was hoping to do after my 20wk(if any soft markers were found) scan as i discovered i was leaking amniotic fluid that all started on the 10/01/11. when i got to hospital, the nurse did an examination, used a speculum(sp) on me and at that point she discovered my cervix was slightly opened by 1 cm....she then told me immediately that i was going into labour.
I was then taken to the labor ward and all the doctors who came to see me were all telling me how grim my situation was. I waited the whole night but nothing happened, next day again nothing happened and on the 3rd day i demanded i wanted a scan to see how bad my situation was and also my 20wks scan was due that day.
Had my scan with one of the consultants who had completely written me off! And was so glad to see the shock on his face as the baby was still fine with plenty of fluid round it, however my cervix was still slightly open (1cm) but every thing else looked good, no soft markers found but my biggest fear now is catching an infection. Am currently in hospital now on complete bed rest for the entire pregnancy and also on antibiotics to prevent me from catching any thing, i have been told i cant have the amnio done as it increases my risks of going into labor and also they cant put a stitch in as this will introduce more bacteria in my womb. Am so sorry for the long post but i just feel like i have been to hell and back! Please any advice or comments will be highly appreciated as am still worried about my ds risk and also going into premature labor.
many thanks, Olga
P.s has any one been or know anybody who's been in this situation and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?

Sparklies Thu 13-Jan-11 15:05:38

Olga, I am so sorry you are having this pregnancy drama on top of everything else sad

Have you had a baby before? Sometimes the cervix does not close up completely if you have had a previous vaginal birth.

How long is your cervix? Is there any funnelling (is this something they have mentioned to you?) If your cervix is long - i.e. over 2.5cm - I can see why they might not give you a cerclage otherwise I am confused. Yes, there is a risk but there's a risk not fitting one too! Is there any way you can get a second opinion from another hospital? From my own lengthy experience with NHS hospitals there is a very wide standard of care and policy when it comes to cervical issues in pregnancy.

At 18 weeks with my last pregnancy I was in a very similar situation to you. 1.5cm dilated, 3mm (that's mm, not cm) of cervix remaining. I had not lost any fluid that I was aware of. Doctors did give me a rescue cerclage and after four months of strict bedrest I delivered DC2 healthy at 35w5d. It is a long and stressful wait and I am very glad they are giving you antibiotics at least!

I have heard of lots of women in your situation have positive outcomes. There is a forum - which is pretty active for women with incompetent cervix - I am sure you can get some great advice and support on there even if it is mostly US-based.

The very best of luck and keep us updated!

Sparklies Thu 13-Jan-11 15:06:21

brassmonkeyman - So relieved for you and your wife!! grin

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