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Pregnancy and chemotherapy - any experience?

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Fireflyer Tue 23-Nov-10 21:36:02

I am posting for a friend who is 10 weeks pregnant. Her partner is currently undergoing chemotherapy and had had 2 treatments at the time she got pregnant.

She has been advised by the oncologist that, obviously, not much research has been done in this area, but that there is a risk of brain development problems that would not show up in scans.

She is completely torn, as she just doesn't know what risks she is dealing with.

Does anyone have experience or know anyone who has?

stripeybumpsmum Wed 24-Nov-10 15:15:13

I can't say I have direct experience but might be able to help.

I am 15 wks preg with DC3. DD is having chemo. There is a notional risk of damage to the baby through contact with DD, but we minimise this with precautions (gloves when changing nappies for example, leaving the area immediately in case of puncturing the IV bag with the chemo in). There are known (but nonetheless still extremely small) risks for things associated with cancer treatment such as radioactive dyes used in MRI scans.

FWIW, DD's oncologists were cautious and spelled out the risks. We duly talked to my gynae/obs drs who said they weren't worried at all about chemo, only radiology.

The MacMillan site is great, and you may find the Drs of your friends DH signpost them rather than the masses (of sometimes extremely unhelpful) stuff on the internet. There is a section on the effects of the specific drugs here.

Overall, the same as with any risk in pregnancy, it is about balancing all the other factors, such as likely long term effect of the treatment, your friends' stress levels, etc. I'd recommend the Macmillan site and helpline for guidance and a 'safe place' to vent if needed.

Good luck - for both chemo and baby. HTH

Fireflyer Fri 26-Nov-10 19:00:51

Thanks for your message, will look at your link.

Sending all the best wishes for you daughter x

afterivf Thu 02-Dec-10 16:12:19

My friend developed a very agressive form of breast cancer at around 24 weeks of preganacy (so I know a lot later that the person you are talking about). She and her partner had to make the hard choice to go ahead with the chemo while the baby was in utero. There was no other option. The baby was born after 2 (or possibly 3) rounds of chemo at 6 weeks early and from all that can be seen so far she is fine. The baby is now 10 weeks old and is developing as any baby should. I am hoping that this good news will help.

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