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NT showing 3.5 - could it be nothing?

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deliakate Sat 20-Nov-10 18:11:02

Hi, we've had a scan at 12+4, and the NT showed up as 3.5. Midwife has referred me on to the screening midwifes, and we are waiting for the bloods.

I know the odds for DS (currently at 1:100, but may change with the bloods). And I know that if there isn't a chromosomal prob, there could be a heart issue that caused the increased NT.

But my question is, could it still be nothing? Are there any other reasons, other than chromosomal/heart probs that would cause a higher reading. Could it just be 'one of those things', that is never explained?

Feel very confused, as I can't get into my head the possibility that its nothing whatsoever..... if so, why the elevation???

jeffily Sat 20-Nov-10 19:37:58

Hi deliakate, sorry that you find yourself here.
I have an idea how you are feeling as you are where I was 12 weeks ago! Our NT was 5mm and we had a very worrying 6 weeks waiting for an amnio, then results, then the full karyotype. We have also had 2 detailed heart scans and a full anomoly scan and the baby appears to be completely healthy and chromosomally normal.

The Nuchal screening is just that, screening, and is not a diagnostic test. I double checked with my consultant when we were going through it and he said that the odds that they give you are the odds of a woman, of your age, with your blood results and a NT of the same measurement, having a baby with one of the chromosomal problems that they know are most common; Down's syndrome, Edwards, Pataus and Turners. So if your odds remain at 1:100- 99 women out of 100 with your results will go on to have a perfectly healthy child.

It's easy for me to say, but try not to worry too much. It very much could be 'just one of those things'. Wait and see what the bloods tell you. I wish you all the very best.

deliakate Sun 21-Nov-10 11:36:29

Thanks jeffily. I'm sure I read somewhere that the NT is more accurate than the bloods, so even if they come back low risk, I'm guessing I'm going to need CVS/amnio in any case..... glad you got a good result with yours.

Eliza70 Sun 21-Nov-10 17:44:55

I don't think the nuchal is more accurate than the bloods. Happy to be corrected on this though. I think the nuchal depends a lot on the skill on the person doing the scan and the position of the baby. It us not routinely offered in Northern Ireland as it is not considered an accurate test.

nancydrewrocked Tue 23-Nov-10 19:09:26

deliakate sorry you are going through this, I have been there so may have an idea of how you are feeling.

I am currently 24/25 wks. I didn't have bloods taken as I went straight for a CVS having lost a son to Downs. At the CVS apt it was noted that the baby had a NT of 3.4.

I was absolutely terrified especially given my previous history. So far the CVS has come back clear and I had a detailed scan at 22 weeks which showed everything to be fine.

I am being scanned again in another four weeks just to be sure but everything is looking good.

When I was first told the NT I was convinced there was a problem and had previosuly been told (in relation to my pregnancy with my DS2) that NT's over 3.5 are almost always indicative of a problem. There are a number of posters on here who have had NT's of at least that without issue and I have now met two others in RL who have given birth to healthy babies. I am hoping that I will be another.

I think it is true to say that once your NT is 3.5 you are outside what is considered "normal" and therefore it is very likely that you will be offered a CVS/amnio regardless of the bloods.

Best wishes.

Good luck.

Bubandbump Tue 23-Nov-10 19:33:41

Yep we were thereto 4 weeks ago, nuchal of 4. My bloods were awful too and 1 in 4 probability. Had the cvs and preliminary was clear for downs, Edwards and patau. Also had detailed heart scan last week and we were given the ok for now. I don't know that it's nothing as we are still waiting for the second set of results and we have another set of scans in 4 weeks but we have a lot more hope now than we did that it will all be ok. Wait for your bloods and I hope that they are better for you. We did get told that anything over 3.5 was an automatic referral for a cvs so you are right on the borderline and the decision on whether to go ahead with it is going to be tough. For us it was made somewhat easier by the fact that the probabilities weren't good. But you should have your bloods and a more detailed scan to help you make that decision. Just remember that it's just a probability - it's not a fact

jaabaar Wed 01-Dec-10 18:15:53

I had a NT measurement of 3.9. What a terrible waiting time it was.... Specially as this was my second pregnancy after a first loss.

Had NT, then CVS. All was fine. So me too I had this nagging feeling of why the NT was so high??

At 18 weeks I was sent to heart specialist which said as far as he can see all is ok but to check after birth...

So again I had to wait the whole pregnancy to find out...

Baby girl was born and all seemed fine )))
I still had worries though about heart problems. My GP said oh no need for a check baby seems healthy! (???)

When I went abroad I decided to have a heart scan there. All was fine )))

So, we did have a 3.9 NT but all is definately fine!

It does make you worry though, the wait, the wait.....

I wish you good luck! And just to let you know I feel what you are going through...


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