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Cvs results - how long?

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Bubandbump Wed 17-Nov-10 13:41:29

I am going out of my mind. Had the cvs last Thursday at kings London and although their literature says up to 5 days for the results, they indicated that it should be either yesterday or today. Still not heard anything- does anyone have any experience of how long this takes to get the preliminary results? I am not too hopeful of a positive result given our circumstances but both myself and my husband desperately need to know to try and move forward somehow.

Thanks for your help!

DrSeuss Wed 17-Nov-10 13:55:46

Sorry for your horrible circumstances. Hope you have some good news soon.

Sparklies Wed 17-Nov-10 14:35:58

I was told two days too for Kings. I declined the CVS so I don't know how long it would have taken.

I would give them a call. Fingers crossed for you.

squeezytoy Wed 17-Nov-10 14:57:02

hi Bubandbump, I had cvs on Monday and waiting and my hosp (not London) said expect results Thurs onwards - probably Thurs/Fri - I'd give them a call if I were you.
Some years ago I had an amnio and the sample was left on a bench (don't ask) and so results were delayed. It's always worth calling up. Good luck with your results, I don't know your circumstances but I hope you get the all clear anyway - there's always hope.
And yes, the waiting is tough - it really is.

Chynah Wed 17-Nov-10 17:44:24

My (private) cvs gave me prelim in 24 hours and full report in 2weeks.

I would call them - the wait is hellish.

Bubandbump Wed 17-Nov-10 18:51:34

Thanks all - I have called and got told they would call me back... Still waiting! It will be tomorrow now..

Bubandbump Wed 17-Nov-10 21:03:36

Actually no.. Heard about an hour ago and somehow we have got good news for the preliminary results. It didn't look good as we had a nuchal of 4 initially and hcg of 3.5x normal giving a risk of 1 in 4. Then at the scan just before the cvs they measured the nuchal as having increased to 5 and didn't bother giving us a revised risk.. I didn't believe that this could come back clear for us especially as they thought there was a soft marker on the scan. Now cardiologist on Friday, this pregnancy is going just one day at a time. Thanks to everyone who has shared what they have been going through at awful times in their lives with those of us going through the same and frantically googling looking for some vague hope.

squeezytoy Wed 17-Nov-10 22:00:00

Bub I am so glad you got good news - that's great. Everything is always one day at a time, it's just with all these scans, we know up front what to watch out for. At least, that's how I'm trying to get through my wait! Good luck on Fri. xx

Sparklies Thu 18-Nov-10 02:10:32

Oh wow, what wonderful news!! I can see why you were feeling pretty fatalistic with the news you had, I would too, but that is terrific!

I hope nothing else unpleasant crops up especially with the cardiologist, and you have an uneventful remainder of your pregnancy :-)

DrSeuss Thu 18-Nov-10 09:28:42

So pleased to hear your good news!

Bubandbump Thu 18-Nov-10 09:31:08

Thanks guys. Squeezytoy, fingers crossed for you today or tomorrow.

squeezytoy Fri 19-Nov-10 14:59:16

Thanks Bub, actually my results didn't come through yet. The hosp said results are phoned through up to 430pm so I've got less than 2h left before a weekend wait. I don't know about everyone else but I find the waiting absolutely unbearable. I phoned the hospital this morning, given the results were due yesterday, and they said oh yes, should be through in the next day or two don't panic.
No, no reason to panic. Just a baby, after all. Or, as they called it, a 'product of conception'. Lovely name for a baby, 'Product'. Surprised it's not more popular.
Right I'm off before I really start ranting. Maybe I'll go and be sick again with my 3 phones in my pocket. Sigh. This is really hard.

squeezytoy Fri 19-Nov-10 15:37:54

Hah! Look at us all chatting on the internet - I just phoned the hospital and the results are usually FAXED through in the afternoon.

Who uses FAXES? What happened SERVERS? Shared files? Even email... sighhhhhhhh...

Sorry am ranting.


squeezytoy Fri 19-Nov-10 15:49:12

Ok they've screwed up the timeframes and it's going to be Monday. So for no good reason that anyone can explain, my sample takes a week.
Have a lovely weekend folks. Sorry to have moaned. xx

Bubandbump Fri 19-Nov-10 16:36:25

Oh god - I have been checking to see if you had your results. No worries about the moaning - do they not appreciate what this waiting means when you're the one going through it? It might be just a job to them but it's our lives. Honestly why do some people work in this area when they have not an ounce of compassion. I have to say that everyone I have seen / talked to at kings has been just super and very understanding of what we were going through. I found the few days when I knew the results weren't ready to be slightly better than constantly waiting for the phone to ring. It's just you have to go through it all again on Monday. I really feel for you- not that it helps!

Sparklies Fri 19-Nov-10 16:38:46

Massive amounts of sympathy to you squeezytoy.. my goodness, they really have no empathy.

I have to say it's one of the things putting me off having an amnio or CVS.. I don't think I could handle the wait for that phonecall. Having my life on hold like that. Having them screw stuff up so you have to wait extra days, because they do, they always bloody do. Or they lose the results. Not that I'm bitter and cynical over previous experiences or anything even if they weren't CVS/amnio!

And yep to the whole fax thing, beats me why they still use them, but they do.

I heard from somebody whose NT blood results were going to take 3 WEEKS!! That's insane. It literally only takes 30 minutes if that to physically process as I discovered when I went for my private NT screening at the Fetal Medicine Centre and they had a blood machine on site.

Thinking of you! Hope you hear very early on Monday at least.

Bubandbump Fri 19-Nov-10 16:47:35

It is incredibly hard and takes a massive toll on you. I am normally a positive, never gets stressed about anything even when people around me are breaking down, kind of person but I have been an absolute wreck over the last couple of weeks.

Sparklies, I understand where you are coming from on the no test thing, it would have been a much more difficult decision for us if all the indicators hadn't been so bad.

Squeezytoy I found Sudoku helped for some unknown reason- think as I had to concentrate and stopped me thinking about everything else.

Sparklies Fri 19-Nov-10 18:35:22

Yes - I'm "only" 1 in 34 and fortunately only for T21 too, which we've made the decision not to terminate for. I think if it had been 1 in 10 or we'd seen soft markers (I went to the Fetal Medicine Centre for a second more detailed NT scan) or it was T13 or T18 we would have done it. I don't know if you've read on other threads, but I have an added complication in that if I lose the baby as a result of the CVS/amnio I have to have a classical c-section as I have a permanent stitch due to incompetent cervix and can't deliver naturally. So that weighs in for me as well.

I think whatever happens we'll have an amnio by 30 weeks just to know with certainty so I will have to go through the waiting at some point and I will be a wreck too. I don't want delivery day to be overshadowed by peering at baby's face and wondering! Until then though, it's probably going to mean a lot of obsessing and researching, when if I was brave enough to risk an amnio I could have a definite answer and a lot sooner!

How did the cardiologist appointment go today? I guess there are still more hurdles to cross for you

Bubandbump Fri 19-Nov-10 19:37:58

There's nothing brave about having to make these choices - it's just agonizing and the circumstances are so different for each of us. Prior to the nuchal scan we were adamant that we wouldn't have any invasive testing but the decision factors were so different when we were faced with the reality.

The cardiologist was great today, we have provisionally got the all clear till the next set of scans in 4 weeks (subject to the rest of the cvs results). It was lovely to have a scan where we didn't have any bad news and just being able to enjoy seeing the baby which has clearly had enough of being scanned recently as it wouldn't keep still! It still feels a bit unreal but just want to try and enjoy a bit of this pregnancy now.

squeezytoy Fri 19-Nov-10 19:47:39

Hi, thanks guys.
Bub, hope the cardiologist was helpful for you. I know what you mean about one day at a time.

Sparklies, I didn't test during my 2nd preg and I don't regret not bothering. A 1 in 34 risk gives you a 97%ish chance of being fine, so I will keep everything crossed that you are all ok.

This time I'm 40 and my risk is 1 in 7 and we also had poss other structural issues at the time of making the decision to have cvs. I felt we had to test in case of Edwards/Patau.

The hosp are working on it. Our unit has been brilliant - compassionate and skilled - but they are let down by a shoddy communications system, is all. Bub you are right - it's the sitting next to the phone that's so crazy.

I hope we look back at this and smile, when our kids are driving us crazy! I hope that for every woman, man and baby on this forum.

Bubandbump Fri 19-Nov-10 20:11:27

Me too - this is our first and I think I have realised that part of having a child means worry. If it can cause this much stress when it's 15 weeks old what on earth is it going to be like as a teenager!

Sparklies Fri 19-Nov-10 21:23:12

Bubandbump Great news at the cardiologist then! What a difference a week makes, I'll bet I am so pleased for you! Hope the rest of your results come back perfect!

Like you I was always adamant I'd never have invasive testing, but I have swung back and forward on the issue so much over the last few weeks. At one point I was actually about to book the CVS. It's only in the last week, coupled with finding research that indicates my high bHCG could just be normal for me, so not a marker and therefore I could possibly discount it (reduces my risk to 1 in thousands) that I've settled on the no invasive testing before good viability choice. I've felt quite pressured into it by doctors though.. I have to give my final decision in a few weeks but I think I have made up my mind now.

squeezytoy - yep, I am seriously considering declining the NT blood test next time round. My first two I had NT scan only and they were fine, like my third was. It was only these damn bloods :-( I must have wasted weeks of my life fretting, researching and dwelling on it all, not to mention paying out for private scans and as you say, chances are great it will all be for nothing. Just hoping it is!!

Yes, I'd definitely be testing in your two cases, no doubt about it. It's the being borderline that makes the decision tricky!

It does get a little easier when they're out, because you can go physically check on them a lot easier without forking out for a scan..! Then when they're teenagers and disappear off the face of the earth presumably it's similar to that but without the ability to purchase a scan.. hmm!

squeezytoy Sat 20-Nov-10 10:47:05

Some hospital angel stayed late & saw my results through for us.
Our baby is OK for the prelim results - not got trisomy 13,18,21. I feel a bit stunned.
Thanks for helping me get through a hideous week I'm so grateful. Of course we get full results next week I guess... but first, a weekend.
Hope you all have a nice w/e. x

Bubandbump Sat 20-Nov-10 11:28:32

Over the moon for you!!

Sparklies Sat 20-Nov-10 13:07:57

That's wonderful!! I am so thrilled for you on both counts - one, that baby is fine (YAY!!) but also that you don't have to wait all weekend getting more and more anxious.

Wonderful! Hope the rest of the results come back just as good

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