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NT 1:9 and scared

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chickenlickin Thu 11-Nov-10 09:08:08

My lovely sister has had Nt scan 3.3mm and combined bloods gave her 1:19 of downs. The other tests for different syndromes are low. Everyone is very worried as this is their first baby and has taken a while. Our hospital says high risk is anything under 1:250 so when you see 1:19 it feels very scary. Yet sounds silly when i cleared away the lego in our house i put 18 green bits in the bag with one blue bit and it took me 6 or 7 times before pulling the blue bit out! It is really as simple as a lottery? She has dicided on the amino as has less chance for misc but this means has to wait prob another month before any solid results, she is 13+3 weeks. Just so worried and stressed for her. Hoping that the sickness hormone that was high and the neck measurement are just normal for her and all is well. I have two kids and that is it no more as I couldn't go through what she is going through - the waitiing and emotional side of things is awful. Sorry if any of you going through the same thing x

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