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CMV in second pregnancy

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SusieQ73 Thu 07-Oct-10 09:00:00

This is my first post but have been an avid reader for some time.
My ds was born 3.5 years ago and I was diagnosed with CMV at 36 weeks. He was delivered by emergency section the same day. He tested negative and is perfectly healthy.
Now, at 19 weeks I have again tested positive for CMV IGM.
My consultant says the risk of virus transfer is low but also mentioned delivering at 24 weeks.
I'm having 20 week scan next week then scans every 4 weeks after that to check growth and for Fetal Hydrops.
I am terrified of what this infections means and am desperate for some news of other people's experiences.
Most of the stuff online is from the US where every woman is screened for CMV. The NHS don't do this due to cost.
Does anyone have any experience of a second infection/positive result?

SusieQ73 Fri 08-Oct-10 15:42:18

Anyone? Can't find any info on CMV.

monkeybumsmum Sun 10-Oct-10 14:28:08

Hi Susie, am so sorry that you're going through this worry. I wasn't aware that you could have CMV twice. I thought that once you had had it then you had the antibodies, and therefore were immune to having it again. Do you know how they tell the difference between having it again, and there just being antibodies present? CMV is something that terrifies me whenever I'm pg, because I work with small children and am so scared of picking it up.
I'm afraid I'm no help at all really, as I don't have any experience of having had it, but I just wanted to say that I really hope everything goes okay, and that your baby is unaffected by it. I have my fingers crossed that all turns out well, and that you have a full term and healthy pregnancy - you must be incredibly worried about the possibility of having to deliver at 24 weeks. Will be thinking of you x

NatzCNL Sun 10-Oct-10 21:00:46

Im sorry this isn't very specific, but found this site if it helps? -cmv-infection.html
I googled CMV UK, which gives a lot of UK CMV sites.
I would advise speaking with your consultant to find out why they would think about delivering at 24 weeks.
My thoughts are with you xx

Berelin Sun 10-Oct-10 21:11:28

I live in a country with routine screening for CMV, and - in fact - was diagnosed with primary CMV at around the time of conception in a failed pregnancy some years ago. As a result, I researched the whole thing quite extensively. As far as I am aware, only primary CMV ( that is, CMV that you get for the FIRST time) is considered a real risk. Risks to the foetus from Primary CMV are initially very high, but diminish the later you contract CMV iin your pregnancy. If you already had CMV once during an earlier pregnancy, you shouldn't be at risk now. In fact, I wasn't even tested for CMV during my latest pregnancy because it was known that I had had it before. Perhaps you should talk to your consultant again?

SusieQ73 Mon 11-Oct-10 15:32:50

Thanks for the replies.
I have tested positive for CMV IGM meaning an active or reocurring virus. At this stage, 3.5 years later, it should be IGG indicating an old infection.
Saw my consultant again today and she phoned the consultant microbiologist. He was also unaware of how this would affect the baby. Now, the are referring me to a specialist hospital (Royal Free in London) where hopefully the virologist will be able to shed some light on the risk.
My consultant has never had a case of a positive CMV result in a second pregnancy and described it as very rare which doesn't really help. In my opinion, rare just means you can't find any real information. Am more positive now that there is a plan in place.

missmarples Sat 15-Jan-11 18:22:21

Are they sure the first CMV was right ? if you had it first time you must have antibodies unless it was a mild dose ? , it can reactivate but the baby shouldn't be at risk 2nd time round. i would also say that the baby is safer the further on in your pregnancy that you are exposed and i am surprised that they are considering delivering so early as the baby must be safer in you than delivered. there is a yahoo forum for congenital cmv and i know some women have posted on there about some injections they have had whilst pregnant - in the US and the babies have been delivered with no ill effects from the CMV. i do think it is very rare to have CMV twice but we were told it could happen.

Good Luck - i'll try and find more info for you

missmarples Sat 15-Jan-11 18:49:58

ok its called Cytogam infusion therapy and seems to make antibodies for you quickly that helps cure the baby - contact Dr. Stuart Adler at Virginia Commonwealth
University. He is an expert in CMV and a pediatrician. He has offered his advice and expertise to any parent whose
child has been affected by CMV

the above link will allow you to email him if you want more advice

HTH and good luck.

missmarples Sat 15-Jan-11 18:51:08

and now i realise the date of this posting was october 10 so no use at all now - sorry but hoped something worked out ok

aishanadeem Sat 20-May-17 19:09:51

I've had my first baby in 2014 who caught congenital cmv as I got it during early stages of pregnancy, here in UK they couldn't diagnose it until I had my 2nd scan where tbey saw some brain calcification and at 27 weeks pregnant they confirmed she got it in her after amniocentises test. They refered me to Royal London hospital where they confirmed and asked me to terminate but at 27 weeks I didn't want to.
My daughter was born at term and had microcephaly, She stayed in NICU for first 3 weeks of her life and had ganciclovir treatment.
Now she is almost 3 years and I want to have another baby but I don't know if the second baby can get it? My gp said it's not in my body but their are rare chances of it to re occur.
Here in UK it's not common and even doctor's seem to be not aware about it.
Any suggestions?
Can I get anything as precautions?
Thanks in advance
If someone wants to contact me by email please do so.

Alishaashish Wed 06-Dec-17 11:54:33

Hi i know this thread is old i dont know if ill get any response but im going crazy over it. I was tested positive for cmv igg in 2016 during my first pregnancy. Now in 2017 dec i have conceived again and got high values of igg positive 102 and igm positive 76. I dont know if the infection reoccured coz my gp told me that it will not reoccur and will not effect future pregnancies. N im devastated since i got the report.. I was reffered to a genetic counseller and she told me to get the cmv igg avidity done to chk if the infection is primary or old. Im so scared coz this is the second time its occuring in my pregnancy! Anyone with similar story??

Elag Tue 31-Jul-18 23:50:04

Hi I have read your post and wondered how you got on as my grand daughter was born with cmv and her mum is pregnant again

Elag Tue 31-Jul-18 23:52:03

My grand daughter was born with cmv four years ago and now my grandson who has just been born has failed his new born hearing test. Extremely worried about cmv again. Anybody help please

Cariadxx Sat 04-Aug-18 10:24:54

The baby hearing test is rather crude, lots of babies fail but have normal hearing and vice versa. Your daughter will have been tested in this pregnancy so why don't you ask her what her cmv antibodies were?

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