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Any sonographers out there - can i ask a question?

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RememberToPlaywiththeKids Mon 27-Sep-10 13:26:10

At my 20 week scan they found a perimembranous VSD and 'suspicion of an overriding aorta'. They were unsure about the latter but the songrapher + the consultant in foetal medicine at UCH both thought they could see something. They also muttered 'enlarged aorta'.

I have a follow up cardiac scan next week with a cardiologist from GOSH.

If they are suspicious of an overriding aorta then am I right in thinking that it probably is and that this will be confirmed at the next scan? Also along with the VSD, is this an almost dead cert fallot's?

linspins Mon 04-Oct-10 09:41:07

Hi there, did you get any answers anywhere else? When is your next scan?
I've been there with the whole waiting game, it's tough. Hope you are ok, I didn't want your post to go un-noticed, Thinking of you!

Alice456 Sat 13-May-17 14:27:08

I appreciate this message is from a while ago, but we've just had the same result at the anomaly scan so I wondered what happened?


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