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Facing bf again

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hlr1987 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:00:12

I fed my DD for nearly two years, until my milk started to dry up in the middle of being pregnant. I enjoyed feeding her until the last month, when the combination of sensitive breasts and her getting really upset there was less milk (it was only a night feed at that point, she was weaned but still wanted milk from me at night) made it horrible. Expecting baby 2 at any point but I keep flinching whenever my toddler grabs my breasts, or nuzzles in that direction, even though she's not asking for milk, just being cuddly. Has anyone found that feeding a newborn the second time was easier? I don't want to be put off bf the next one, but I can't stop physically flinching when something touches my breasts. I'm really hoping it's just pregnancy hormones. Any reassurance?

hlr1987 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:02:15

Sorry, just realised this in the wrong forum really.

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