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Spat on 31 weeks pregnant. How do other mums defend themselves.

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Mummblebee Thu 25-Jan-18 10:05:45


Hi mum's.

This is my first thread on my new account.
Currently 31 weeks pregnant and looking forward to welcoming my first daughter in march. Yee hee.

An incident happened this evening at around 10 pm when I popped to the shop to buy a few groceries. As I was leaving the shop a young man who I had a very casual relationship with quite a few years ago had seen me in the shop and was waiting outside for me. I have seen him a couple of times in the street over the years and each time he tries to corner me into having a conversation when I am clearly not stopping to talk and have told him to leave me alone.

So as I left he began to follow me yet again expecting a different story. I simply said " Don't. Follow me. " And kept on walking towards my car. Can you believe he spat on me! I heard him do it and felt it land on the back of my leg. In anger I said " are you serious?! You ** tramp! " I kept on moving quickly towards my car and he then threw something hard ( I'm not sure what )at my car and kept on walking away and looking back at me. I am shocked and concerned to say the least that someone from my past can be so bitter and aggressive for no real reason. We had nothing serious or long term. I had just decided I wanted nothing to do with him after seeing sides I did not like ( eg rude to staff at pizza place and general bad manners). God forbid he should see me in the street in the future with my daughter. The thought of my innocent daughter being exposed to this sort of behaviour and people like that makes me feel sick, worried and defenceless.

I'm thinking of going to the police tomorrow to report it as I know the man's name.

How is the smart way to handle people who meet you with aggression when you are vulnerable with a child?

How do other mums defend themselves / handle situations like aggressive anti social behaviour?

Some advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks mum's xx

CheapSausagesAndSpam Thu 25-Jan-18 10:17:05

DEFINITELY report him! There might be CCTV to prove it.

That must have been awful! I'm so sorry. Spitting is assault by the way and he also threw something at you.

Phone it in asap!

Willswife Thu 25-Jan-18 10:19:48

I would have called the Police and reported the assault. I would not tolerate anyone spitting at me.

Wakeuptortoise Thu 25-Jan-18 10:22:01

He sounds unhinged. I would call 101, the non emergency police number and ask for advice.

BastardGoDarkly Thu 25-Jan-18 10:22:20

That's assault, the fucking.pig.

Definitely go to the police.

I've never had to 'handle' myself op, people aren't generally like this, so can't advise there.

I'm sorry this happened, must have shaken you up flowers

Happinessfinder Thu 25-Jan-18 10:23:55

I am so sorry he did that to you flowers

Definitely phone the police op this is just awful

Peachyfizz Sat 10-Feb-18 07:59:03

You can get arrested for spitting on someone. It happened to me. Luckily the police saw it happen though.. but yes might be cctv. He's harassing You!

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