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Pregnant and struggling

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Cookiesandcake Fri 03-Nov-17 21:18:33

I don't know if I'm depressed or not. I'm 14 weeks pregnant with dc2. I love being pregnant and my 18 month old is a breeze. But the past few weeks I've just been massively massively fed up with everything. Not the pregnancy or ds1 but everything else. I don't really want to go out the house, I'll plan to take ds1 to playgroup for example and then find an excuse not to go. I'm cancelling family events. I can't seem to summon any energy to tidy up or anything I'm literally doing the bare minimum. But we're absolutely skint atm like skint skint, I don't even have the money to buy my son some wellies for winter, and we live in a tiny 1 bed flat that I hate with an aggressive neighbour. I don't know if it's just the money and flat situation getting me down or if it's something else.

Cookiesandcake Sat 04-Nov-17 12:12:06

Anybody have any advice?

dede124 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:42:31

Hi @Cookiesandcake I don't have any advice but couldn't read and run... you might find as you get further into the second trimester you have abit more energy and may feel abit better generally. I was the same up until around 14 weeks then I had a burst of energy which disappeared again when I reached the third trimester! Be kind to yourself it isn't easy especially if you suffer from depression like me. Hope your financial circumstances improve X

Cookiesandcake Sun 05-Nov-17 20:29:44

Thankyou for replying smile I'm hoping it's just lack of energy and money worries. I did manage to wash the pots and do the laundry and supermarket shop today so that's something, at least I left the flat. I'm currently trying to get various bills lowered so hope to improve finances soon. We were going to save for a mortgage but finances took a hit so that's not happening now so think it's just a combination of things getting me down

stepbystepdoula Tue 07-Nov-17 10:04:31

Wow you have a lot to contend with. Try to take things a step at a time, it's ok to feel tired and emotional, your body is going through huge changes. Make the best if what you have for now, sometimes things don't go to plan. Perhaps a bit if time for yourself to rest and recharge would help.
Finances cause huge pressure, no escaping it. Try to stay pragmatic and know that things will improve. Might be worth checking to see if you are entitled to any help, citizens advice or online. Also credit unions, save a small amount, even £10 for 3 months and you can lend three times that. ❤❤

EmmaHealy23 Thu 23-Nov-17 09:06:55

Remember to give yourself a break too! I’ve suffered so badly with anxiety and depression while I’ve been pregnant that there are days I don’t even look in the mirror, I’ve even been signed off work. However, today I got up and had a shower and did my hair and make up and today I’ve had a good morning.

If you manage to get things done then great, but if you don’t then don’t beat yourself up either. Just be kind to yourself, you’ve got s lot going on and it’s ok not to be ok all of the time xx

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