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Can't stop crying I feel so low

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dede124 Sat 21-Oct-17 13:39:23

My baby is now 6 days old and I can't stop crying about everything. I love my baby so much and feel overwhelmed with wanting to protect her and I feel like I want her all to myself. I don't want visitors especially my partners family iv told him I don't feel ready plus they have already seen her at the hospital when she was a couple of days old, he doesn't understand and thinks it's unfair and i feel like our relationship has gone downhill over the last couple of days like we are so distant. Has anyone else felt like this ? How long does it last? I know the baby blues have hit but I hope it's nothing more than that

starpatch Sun 22-Oct-17 17:00:03

its very early days and nothing wrong at all in not wanting visitors. Sorry your DP is not being supportive over this. You are right it probably is just the baby blues but I would recommend giving the health visiting service a quick ring anyway and ask them to bring their visit forward. I got an unbelievable amount of support from the health visitor she was great really recommend them. You can get the number from your GP practice.

user1485198606 Sun 22-Oct-17 18:57:04

Sorry if this offends anyone but i dont think men can understand because they dont go through the pregnancy and labour you have an enormous amount of hormones running through your body and it is overwhelming, as above id say speak to your gp or hv or whoever you feel ok to talk to perhaps in time your partner will begin to see the affects i do hope you feel better but its very early days so please dont be hard on yourself im sure your doing a great job!

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