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My baby won't sleep:-(

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Rya2710 Fri 20-Oct-17 22:44:06

Just looking for some advice really. Teething has hit my 6 month old daughter hard and I'm really struggling. My partner works from 7 in the morning till 10 at night every day (rarely gets a day off) and I just feel so alone in it. During the day she's an absolute angel but at night she just will not sleep! Plus she'll only sleep for me if I breastfeed her and literally anyone else can lay her in her cot and she won't wake up but as soon as I try to lay her down she screams and screams. She's waking every hour through the night and is up at 4 every morning and then refuses to go back to sleep which means a long day for us both. I've tried everything to get her into a routine and it just doesn't work. I love her more than anything but I feel so miserable (probably doesn't help that she's the only human contact I have at all) and I feel like a massive failure. Please someone tell me it gets better :-(

stepbystepdoula Tue 07-Nov-17 10:07:40

It's a struggle! When I've been in a situation like this, mad as it sounds, it's helped me to just accept it, go with it, instead if fighting it, it won't be forever. It stops that feeling of the routine not being right, or other people's expectations. Sleep in the day to catch up. Try to get out, meet other mums at groups or the park, they will be going through similar things ❤

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