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Hating the last days of pregnancy

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AngelMZM Mon 11-Sep-17 19:50:42

Hi & apologies in advance for starting my membership of mumsnet club with such a negativity, but I am really struggling with the last days of my pregnancy... I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby that was planned and expected...overall my pregnancy has been going very well, I didn't put too much weight, everyone says I m glowing, I didn't even felt too bad ( except from occasional back pain,sciatica & headaches), I was working up to the last Friday and today was my first day " on the maternity leave " which I absolutely hated. I am having a real issue with accepting the new situation, I don't have work any more to keep me busy & I am getting crazy at home! I can't go anywhere, I can't find any comfortable position to lay down / sit down or stand up ... suddenly I feel huge, unattractive and terrified what I am going to do when the baby will be here and how it will change my life, which will never be the same... my husband is trying to be supportive but he doesn't understand me. He said ( to be fair - after the initial attempt to calm me down) to "get the grip "...I just want to cry. Not sure what is happening to me but I cannot stand another week or so in this stage sad

I am sorry for moaning ...

KatyN Tue 12-Sep-17 06:39:13

Yep, one friend had a theory that the last few weeks of pregnancy are so horrible you are desperate for labour and sleep deprivation.
Have a bath, go to a cafe and iron some babygrows. (Then have a nap).
Your little one will be here soon kx

silkybear Tue 12-Sep-17 07:04:27

i feel a bit like that at the mo but im on my 2nd so clearly its worth it in the end! things i found helped were cleaning the house top to bottom, decluttering every cupboard and drawer, sorting baby clothes, batch cooking...there are loads of things you can do if you are feeling up to it. also i went 2 weeks overdue with my 1st and not realising that was normal did my head prepare for the fact it might be longer than due date and try to keep busy. if you sit and wait for it to appear it feels like it will never end. things you wont have time for with a newborn are reading, watching a whole film , going for coffee with friends without being try and do some nice things just you and your dh. maybe get a massage or a treatment. just enjoy the me time and trust that it is all worth it in the end. newborns are hard work but I now how have a toddler who is an absolute joy. the grumpy whale stage is part of the process, you will be ok. good luck with the birth and beyond.

AngelZMM Tue 12-Sep-17 08:03:13

Dear @KatyN @silkybear thank you both for your posts ... I appreciate it.
I was not expecting that someone will kindly respond to me and just being acknowledged ( not criticised) for my moaning helps!wink
It's good to hear from other mums who went through the similar experience... and I think " a grumpy 🐳" stage perfectly describes it!
I will try to follow some of your advise & hope it will work. Thanks both x

over40andpregnant Tue 12-Sep-17 08:09:12

I am 39 weeks and it's awful
My last one was 6 weeks early so never been this far before
But just stopped work so I am bored and I am in so much pain and can't sleep

Please let this be over soon

ChickenBhuna Tue 12-Sep-17 08:10:38

Angel I'm the same. I'm a month away from my due date and am getting grumpier by the day! I'm SICK of maternity wear , I'm fed up with going into a cafe/restaurant and having to discount half of the menu due to current intolerances and pregnancy eating rules...only to get heartburn after the second mouthful anyway. The list goes on.

The only saving grace is that I'm finally on maternity leave and the lack of sleep isn't impacting on a busy day in a responsible job.

I lost a baby half way through pregnancy last summer so have lived through two summers of heat discomfort and have been pregnant for over a year in the last 24 months.

All I'm saying op , is that I hear you. It's hard and gets harder by the day.

Stay strong. We will be holding our babies in our arms soonsmile

AngelZMM Tue 12-Sep-17 08:33:46

Hi @over40andpregnant & @ChickenBhuna

thank you for sharing your thought on that too! It really helps to hear from other mums to be their honest opinions and true feelings.

Especially that we are all in the agreement that it's worth it at the end but also we are not pretending every minute of a day ( especially towards the end after so many months of being pregnant already) is as enjoyable as one ( non pregnant 🤰🏼 person) may think.

Ps @ChickenBhuna
I totally agree with the menu issue btw ...wink

Lovechild2016 Fri 29-Sep-17 11:47:50

I'm 37+4 and miserable. Can't be bothered to do any of the big list of jobs I know need doing. Was feeling great last week and got heaps done and now at end of second week of mat leave and I'm really bored and demotivated. I think if I knew when baby was going to arrive it would be better maybe? But could be another month! Sympathy to everyone in same situation.

feelingblue123 Thu 05-Oct-17 00:59:13

I'm 38 weeks and pissed off. Physically I feel fine - no aches or pains, really comfy and sleeping great. I'm working 12 - 15 hour days on a new project (I'm self employed) and I'm enjoying it so much I don't want to stop. I'm resenting being pregnant because I want to carry on working. I'm even considering adoption. I feel like I have no bond with the baby, I dont have a hospital bag packed and haven't bought any nappies or done any batch cooking. I'm living on a building site tennivatibg a house and don't have any heating/bathroom/kitchen etc.... i haven't sorted out any maternity pay/leave/cover.

I just can't get my head around whats happening. Maybe I should be posting this in mental health instead. I definitely feel like the timing on this is totally wrong and I have no idea how I'll keep my businesses running and care for a newborn.

The next month is going to be horrible....or is this just hormones? confused

dede124 Thu 05-Oct-17 09:05:18

@feelingblue123 have you got any support at all or have you spoken to your midwife about any of this?? It sounds like you really need help I'm sorry your feeling this way. Iv suffered from antenatal depression through this pregnancy and it's horrible.

Please start a new thread you will get more response flowers

feelingblue123 Thu 05-Oct-17 09:49:59


Thank you. Midwife is aware as I've been depressed throughout. Seemed to go away for a bit, I think its all hormone related, hopefully life will improve in the coming months.

dede124 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:27:38

@feelingblue123 it's really tough the last few weeks especially when you don't know what to expect. I'm due next week and I'm struggling to hold it together. Glad you've got the support of your midwife and I Hope you feel better soon xx

Michat77 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:19:05

Can really relate to all the posts here. I’m 36 +2 and finding these last few weeks really difficult. Not sleeping, anxious about when the baby will arrive, are they ok, what will life be like post baby etc. Also developed blocked ears and tinnitus which leaves me feeling as if I’m locked in.

I’ve loved being pregnant up until now, just hoping the baby arrives sooner rather than later so I can cuddle them and get some peace (well.....metaphorically 😃). Would be very grateful for any replies, words of encouragement or sharing of similar experiences to help me realise it’s not just me


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