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Asked GP for help, got referred to social services

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AsMuchUseAsAMarzipanDildo Thu 18-May-17 13:13:52

Just that really. Have been asking for help with intrusive thoughts since mid pregnancy. DD now 5 months old and the GP tried to make a social services referral without telling me. Only found out today when the mental health crisis team (who I am finally seeing after literally begging for over 8 months) informed me. I needed help with my mental health. I made it clear I would never act on my ITs but desperately wanted help to either not be having them in the first place or to find a way that made them less distressing. Now I feel like I have to choose between keeping my daughter and keeping my sanity.

pebbles1976 Fri 26-May-17 11:39:03

Didn't want to read and run.

You poor thing - can they even do this? She clearly knows nothing about intrusive thoughts.

I had them with my PND with my first child and it's horrible, OP.

I'm now pregnant again and am suffering from depression and anxiety again having come off Prozac. I have an appointment booked with my GP on Wed to explain that I'm not doing great, but am scared of a social services referral. Not sure what to do.

How have you been getting on? x

butterybiscuitbassx Fri 26-May-17 12:00:09

I had a similar experience. Suffered severe depression and intrusive thoughts from mid pregnancy which resulted me being referred to the crisis team. Social services were informed and I had a couple of assessments and monitoring during and after the birth of my daughter.

I know it's a really scary time and I was absolutely terrified they were going to take my baby away from me. But they were actually so helpful, and supportive. They pointed me in the direction of several support groups and they were brilliant at liaising with my MH team.

Ultimately they are there to help you and your baby get through this horrible time in your life. I can assure you SS don't want to take children away from their mums (unless there is actual harm being done)

The fact that you realise your thoughts aren't normal and are actively trying to get help for them means everything will be in your favour.

Wish you and your baby the best of luck and I hope you get the help you need smile

KatyN Sun 28-May-17 21:55:37

It may well be that ss never follow you up. I was referred when I was pregnant with my first because I had a history of depression. They never even rang me. With my second we were in a different local authority and they didnMt make the referral. It probably is just a paper exercise.

However get all the help you can from the mh teams. You should be bumped to the top of the waiting lists for everything with such a young baby (I got a LOT of phycotherapy and drugs when I had a similar time post baby).

rocketman3 Thu 01-Jun-17 14:24:25

similar happened to me. it was fine. SW came over and chatted with me about an hour and it was very clear to her that there is no welfare issue and I needed MH support. they have to refer to cover their bases. just treat them as you would any other caring type professional and as long as there isn't a welfare issue (it will be obvious!) they will wave you off. they have plenty to do already they don't want to take your baby flowers

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