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Feeling a bit depressed

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FTM85 Wed 17-May-17 11:21:38

Hi all

Hoping someone can offer some guidance.

I've got a beautiful 3 month old baby girl and so far have absolutely loved being a mum. I'm a little concerned now about how I am feeling.

I've suffered with depression and anxiety in the past so I'm always very aware of when negative feelings crop up. I was almost surprised I didn't get PND when my baby was born (I am already on citalopram long term but a low dose due to pregnancy/breastfeeding.

The past few days I have felt really blue - just like a descending black cloud is hanging over me. Not necessarily like I'm going to burst into tears or anything but just down in the dumps.

Has anyone had bouts of this that just come and go? Hoping it's temporary sad

My mum thinks I should be trying to get out a bit more in the evenings every now and then but my daughter is breastfed and doesn't take a bottle so I don't feel comfortable.

Any tips or just general support much appreciated x

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