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Help and reassurance Needed Postnantal detachment feeling for 12 months now !

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user1478351251 Tue 14-Mar-17 13:51:23

Hi I started a thread quite a while ago -I have been suffering with the most extreme from of Postnatal depression -not the psychosis -but basically the feeling of living outside of your body not feeling quite right -feeling as if I am detached from the world around me its without a doubt the most horrific scary and depressing symptom one can go through!
I have twins and they are IVF -am currently on my 5th Anti depressant
Venafaxine and Mirtazpine 15MG- My twins turn one on the 15th (I have had this excuse my French BITCH of a feeling since March the 17th 2016) My GP has said its very common and will go !-I would just like some reassurance from anyone who got over this that it does go!! Am convinced as now nearly a year on -although my anxiety -panic attacks have gone-I will have this feeling for the rest of my life --!!!!!! Please someone tell me I will get better

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