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Feeling down.

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blondehair Tue 14-Mar-17 00:29:52

Feeling depressed and lonely. I don't really have many friends that I see. Just don't really know what to do. Want to be happier before the baby gets here x

Sweetpea86 Wed 15-Mar-17 18:34:07

didnt want to just read post and not reply. im feeling the same and like you dont know what to do. I hope your ok

blondehair Wed 15-Mar-17 23:50:17

@Sweetpea86 -sorry, I've only just seen your reply. Hope that you're okay! Would be nice just to be able to talk to someone, so I'm here if you ever wanna message me x

MissJC Thu 16-Mar-17 00:03:03

Don't worry, once your precious little cherub gets here it all seems worth it. Mine is 23 days old and I spend hours staring at her tiny little hands and eyelashes. If you still feel down once your LO is here just give it a mention to your MW and HV, they will help you.
Is there not any antenatal classes you can book on, meet some new mummies to be in your area? New pals?

Sending big hugs, meeting your LO is such an amazing feeling, it will overshadow these feelings of loneliness you are currently having. Just think OP, you are going to be a mummy! You will never be lonely again xx

blondehair Fri 17-Mar-17 16:39:38

Thanks for the message! It's made me smile.

I know it will all be worth it in the end, and I really am happy that I'm gonna be having a little baby. I think it's just because I'm always feeling a bit worn out and haven't really been up for doing loads at the moment either.

I've started looking at classes to go to and meet some friends and stuff, so think I'm gonna defo start going to some.

Only a couple more months left now! It's making me more excited the closer the time comes, so I'm slowly starting to feel better too xxx

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