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Normal feelings or warning signs?

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Sheilasfeels Fri 03-Mar-17 10:26:08

Hi all,

I have lived with depression since early teens (am now early 30's), and have been on citalopram for around 4 years. The citalopram changed my life, I hadn't had a severe low spell since taking them. After an awful experience trying to cut down when trying for a baby we decided I should continue on them, and I have taken the same low dose of 20mg throughout my pregnancy, and am now 38 weeks gone.
Before pregnancy I was able to monitor my moods very well and knew the warning signs, but since experiencing pregnancy hormones I no longer have a reference point! Friends told me it was normal to be teary and to have strong emotional reactions to things. However, yesterday I felt so low, despondent, disenthused, self critical, all the things which would normally be a warning sign. Today I feel the same. But isn't it normal to be fed up at this late stage of pregnancy? To complicate it further, on Wednesday I had an ECV for my breech baby which was incredibly painful and ineffective, and so I have now had to book in for an elective caesarian. I am terrified ofor surgery and so I'm wondering if my low mood is also a response to this? I am under the mother and infant mental health team, but don't want to raise this mood dip and waste their time if what I'm experiencing is normal.

And if you got this far thank you for reading my long essay!

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