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Post partum psychosis

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peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 11-Feb-17 21:35:29

I have pre-existing mental health issues (personality disorders and PTSD), and in my last pregnancy I suffered antenatal depression, post-natal depression and a light smattering of post-partum psychosis, just to top it all off.

This pregnancy (currently 24w) has been more or less the same so far, with HG and some suicidal thoughts, depression etc. I'm under the perinatal mental health nurse this time and she says the one other psychosis patient she's encountered didn't get it at all with her second baby (hallelujah!).

I wonder if anyone would let me know whether they suffered it again the second time, and if it followed a similar pattern? Was it more or less severe the second time?

I'm frightened of feeling the way I did before, and I don't want to frighten my toddler.

INeedNewShoes Sun 12-Feb-17 11:33:50

I noticed your post hadn't been answered OP so thought I'd respond. Sorry that you've had such a tough time.

I haven't suffered PP myself but a good friend did with her first child. She was fine when her second child was born.

She has a friendship group of mums she met at the mother and baby unit with her DC1 and from what she's said about the group, out of the six of them only one of them had a relapse of PP with their second child.

Seeing the positives, at least if it does reoccur you and others will be very quick off the mark to recognise it for what it is and get the treatment you need.

Make sure you communicate your worries to your medical team and to your support network.

peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 12-Feb-17 11:55:43

Thank you shoes that is really positive news! I wonder if any of them had preventative anti-psychotics the second time around?
Really pleased for your friend smile

Fighterofthenightman Sun 12-Feb-17 12:01:02

You're more likely to have it again than someone who hasn't had it. Doesn't mean it will happen though.

INeedNewShoes Sun 12-Feb-17 12:14:09

Peace - yes I know that some of the women were on antipsychotics for their second pregnancy.

My friend wasn't but she was very stable throughout.

Your best course of action is to get in touch with your team and discuss things. You will feel more in control if everyone is fully aware of the situation and proactive about helping you.

peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 12-Feb-17 12:15:46

Yeah I was discharged from CMHT in the summer but have been re-referred now by the MH midwife. I feel like all my safety nets are being put into place. Just interested in anecdotal evidence, I suppose!

IntoTheWoods84 Mon 13-Feb-17 16:21:23

Hey! I'm high risk for PP too because of my family history (all the women on my mum's side).

This is my first pregnancy so I'm getting all the support in place just in case. Seems like the only thing we can do - glad you are too!

My mum had 3 kids - only had PP with her first and was totally well with number 2 and 3. Hope that helps.x

peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 13-Feb-17 23:03:40

Thank you Into, hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Purplefoxpaws Mon 13-Feb-17 23:12:19

nothing useful to add, but wanted to wish you well with this pregnancy and your mental health. flowers

I've had various mh issues, always exaggerated when pregnant/newborn stage, as I get extreme anxiety/panic attacks and irrational thoughts.

Take care and congratulions on your pending new addition. smile

Purplefoxpaws Mon 13-Feb-17 23:13:24


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