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Feeling lost with complicated pregnancy

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Bumblebee84 Sun 29-Jan-17 02:38:31

Hi all, I'm needing a rant really to get things off my chest. (Sorry)

I've had a seriously emotionally straining rollercoaster of a ride with this pregnancy. Long story short....
My 12 week bloods caused concern, amnio had two outcomes with results so no one has any idea if my baby is affected with low level mosaic t21.
I'm now 27 weeks and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of our little girl. This had all caused great anxiety in me and somewhere down the road I've lost who I am.
I'm constantly snappy at my other children, I m exhausted (I know these are normal pregnancy perks) but I'm distant and constantly worrying.
My baby girl is showing all the right signs with all our ultrasounds, measures perfect, no abnormalities at all have been spotted.

My life seems consumed with work, fetal medicines appointments, genetics appointments. Our fm specialist is fantastic but all his reports get me down staying our baby has t21 (they don't know) and I end up having to explain at every appointment the actual facts. And my Midwife's seem to keep kicking me down stating I will definitely have gestational diabetes due to weight! (I don't, I'm not that big)

I've taken all my stress out on my partner (he's amazing and just lets me get it out and switch off)

I see myself lost becoming bitter and angry and fed up and just always seeing bad and never good anymore. I've become a miserable person, I've always been positive, lively and happy. It all just seems gone and I'm scared I won't find myself after this baby is here.
Sorry for the long rant!

savagehk Sun 29-Jan-17 02:57:20

Sorry to hear that. If it helps at all remember that your hormones will be all over the place as well. I'm slightly behind you (25 ish weeks) and am normally much more level headed but have been snappier with DS and emotional with OH, and that's without the medical stuff you're dealing with! flowers

Bumblebee84 Sun 29-Jan-17 03:10:19

Thank you, it's horrid I feel like I'm sat back watching myself vanish through a window sometimes. I can see I'm becoming someone I'm not and I don't want to be and I can't stop it. I can't be great company and think the fact I can see it all happening is not helping 😔.

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