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beccac96 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:14:03

Hello Mums!
I wonder if anyone could help me out.
I am in my 3rd year of university, studying Psychology and am in the process of completing my dissertation looking at the causes of postnatal depression.
It would be great if any of you could fill out my questionnaire and pass it on to any other mums you know!
Thank you in advance!

LineyReborn Wed 11-Jan-17 12:19:39

Hi, I can't see a link to it.

Also, what is your time frame? I had pnd 18 years ago, although depression still affects me to this day.

beccac96 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:26:28

Sorry I completely forgot to add the link!

I have no time frame and all data is welcome, thank you for your response and let me know if you have any questions.

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