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Anyone else miss their partners touch after birth?

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Bumbleclat Thu 05-Jan-17 02:02:07

I feel after 5 days with gorgeous newborn DD (cosleeper) that I haven't had so much as a stroke, hug, kiss or massage from DH And tonight I cried myself to sleep felt missing him.
He's being A.mazing with baby, with support, with holding the fort And has been fantastically supportive through my 3 day labour but it's like since I've had the baby were on different energy levels with no time to cuddle each other.
Is this the start of PND?

AlbusPercival Thu 05-Jan-17 02:32:27

Oh bless you, tell him how you feel.

I have the opposite at the moment DS is 8 weeks and very cuddly. As soon as I put him down DH wants affection and all I want is to starfish on the bed and revel in not being touched. It's difficult

LucyBabs Thu 05-Jan-17 02:34:55

No doesn't sound like PND (I've been there)
Just normal early baby days. Talk to your dh, tell him how you feel flowers

peardrop2 Thu 05-Jan-17 02:38:15

Yep totally normal. Not PND. You're normal smile Good advice to talk to your DH and eat cake cake

Bumbleclat Thu 05-Jan-17 12:18:12

Thank you I spoke to DH and whilst baby slept all morning he held me and I cried for about an hour non-stop.
We talked lots about the upheaval and the stress of my 3 day labour then 3 night hospital stay and decided to carve out some time each day being present for each other even if that's just a hug.

AlbusPercival Fri 06-Jan-17 20:58:08

How's it going today?

Bumbleclat Sat 07-Jan-17 09:54:43

Thank you the day was fine itself but I didn't get the chance to get remotely near him.
The housework has risen up like a garden full of weeds and I spent 2 or three hours getting some semblance of control over it whilst he held sleeping baby with my DSD watching a film.
I snapped at home JUST before we went up to bed because I'd suggested getting someone in to fix our washing machine that isn't spinning the clothes off and he got really annoyed and said that he would do it.
I then proceeded to silently cry as I fed baby for an hour.
I feel like I've lost my respectful living relationship with DH, my step daughter is not house trained so I'm tidying up after her all the time.
My mum died in August, my dads got the flu so hadn't visited since baby was born and my sister lives in France so I don't feel (even though I've got tons of lovely friends) like I have anyone to see what I'm going through who actually cares about me. Especially when DH and I are at odds. sad sad sad

peardrop2 Sat 07-Jan-17 12:16:21

I just want to encourage you and say that right now you're probably feeling really lost and weepy and that it is OK. I'm on my second baby and both my babies are very bad sleepers. It takes my DH and I 6 months to feel OKish again. It's very hard work ana beautiful responsibility at the same time. Nobody can prepare you for the upheaval of household chores that a baby brings! Look after yourself the best you can. Take vitamins, drink water, embrace the hard days and love the better days. I swear to you that it does get easier, I promise smile Have you started going to any baby groups yet? I find just getting out once a week with mums really helps me

idontlikealdi Sat 07-Jan-17 12:18:08

5 days old op? Your hormones are all over the place. Perfectly normal! Hope things get better Ina few days and congratulations!

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