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Not sure what to do

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whycanineverthinkofausername Tue 22-Nov-16 04:19:14

I've been in and out of depression since I was young and today (6weeks) I went to the doctor to talk about sharp pains down my left side. Obviously I got completely over whelmed and I broke down, she brushed aside the pains and just spoke about my depression, she said she wouldn't put me on anything until 12 weeks (that's fine as I will do anything to help this baby stick) but I'm now feeling even worse than I was before, she's given me two weeks sick note but as my partner works away it's just basically two weeks to sit here and worry and stress myself silly. I'm not sleeping either which really isn't helping. I want to try and self help myself as I realise now how much I'm not coping with absolutely anything, I cry daily. I have a wonderful boyfriend, a beautiful house, a baby on the way. Pretty much everything I've ever wanted yet I'm I'm so low. That straddled with the no sleep, constant leg and hip pain, constant nausea I feel like I'm just not ready for any of it!

Caprigal Thu 24-Nov-16 00:04:17

Go back to your doctor. I am in a similar position although I think I have antenatal depression . Your mental health is just as important as your physical health .x

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