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35 weeks n3 and finding it hard to cope.....

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bellarosa81 Mon 14-Nov-16 17:52:33

I feel so upset at the moment and am crying everyday. Home life is awful with a very hormonal and difficult attention seeking tween who does not show Any empathy when Ive Said i'm sick or need to rest. Everyday there is arguing and shouting all about her behaviour.
I'm mostly upset that instead of looking forward to The baby and enjoying our current family situation and precious Time together, i feel stressed and unable to cope.
We are seeking help for the tween with counselling . The other Child - a toddler is fine and happy.
I dont know if i'm depressed but i honestly dont know what to do. I'm trying not to take elder Child's behaviour personally but i'm not strong enough and it really hurts me. Will i end up resenting her and ruin our usually close relationship?
Am i expecting too Much ? I dont want a perfect pregnancy but this is all too Much and totally overwhelming.
Anyone with a similar experience?

I have an appointment with My mW on wed but dont know what to say...

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