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Can someone please help me figure out who the father is?

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Lauraelton Fri 04-Nov-16 09:31:05

Hiya!im really worried,I had sex with two different men and I'm trying to find out which one it could be by the dates. I had intercourse with man A on the 24th of September, I then had a light period 3 days later,then on the 10th of October I got some spotting,on the 14th I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. I then had intercourse with man B on the 14th and have just found out I am pregnant on the 2nd of November!i took a digital clear blue test which says that I am 2-3 weeks pregnant,I think they do it from conception so it's more likely to be man B right? But it doesn't explain the spotting after man A!!

user1478182585 Fri 04-Nov-16 17:05:33

You can still have bleeding / spotting when pregnant if it could be man A,I would say you will have to wait until you have a dating scan hopefully that will narrow it down.. book a drs appointment and explain you need a dating scan as you are unsure on your last actual period. You can then have a early scan and they can tell you how many weeks you are. Good luck x

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