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Breastfeeding tips?

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BeakyFlapdoodle Mon 10-Oct-16 10:33:59

Had a nightmare feeding ds1 and gave up at 6 weeks as he kept losing weight. It just didn't feel as though it was working for either of us. My nipples were raw (no one ever suggested a tongue tie check. This will be top of my list if same happens this time.) he cried all the time and fed for hours, only to cry and be unsettled after every feed. Formula saved us, but I still felt huge guilt that I couldn't feed him myself.
Now expecting dc2 within the next few weeks and REALLY want to breastfeed, but I'm terrified about the same things happening again and about potentially feeling guilty for yet another year!
Can anyone offer me some tips to establish a good milk supply and to generally get things off to a good start? So worried about it all going tits up wink again!

SpecialStains Mon 10-Oct-16 10:54:17

My ds is 8 weeks and I found the first two weeks hard. I would have given up by day four if it wasn't for my lovely midwife who came round every day for a week. It's easy now though!

My top tips:
- Accept the fact that you will feel like you are feeding constantly; it's important to offer breast at every opportunity in the first few weeks.
- Spend as much time in bed with your boobs out as possible.
- Master positions other than cradle hold. Rugby ball hold and feeding lying down give you back your hands.
- Nipple cream. Start before baby is born.
- Snacks hidden everywhere around the house.
- Ask your midwife for help and to check babies latch.
- Make sure baby doesn't have a tongue tie.
- Drink tonnes of water.

The first few weeks are hard and need perseverance, but it does get easier.

However, if it doesn't work out it's not a big deal as you know. I'm sure your dc1 is thriving. Don't persevere at all costs and do what is right for you. There's nowt wrong with formula - as long as you feed your baby, nobody cares!

Best of luck with the new baby!

SpecialStains Mon 10-Oct-16 10:57:22

Don't feel guilty about how you fed dc1 - you fed your child, that's all that matters! One of my friends ff dc1 and bf dc2 and there is absolutely no difference! I forbid you to feel guilty any longer! smileflowers

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