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Could I possibly have prenatal depression?

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Blueberry87 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:44:55

Hi All

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby, for the last four weeks or so i have been feeling really low and cry at the drop of a hat. Ian constantly snapping at my partner who would literally drop anything to give me what i want, i don't want to go out and socialise and when i am out i just want to come home - before i was pregnant i would never cry about anything and would rarely get upset.

A lot has happened for me this year other than finding out i am expecting baby and i don't know if it is all just too much for me to cope with, i amorally struggling to sleep at night and feel so guilty for he way i am treating my partner. Could this be prenatal depression or am i just being dramatic?

Thank you

SeashellHoarder Mon 01-Aug-16 21:03:21

I don't know, it could be. But whatever it is it doesn't sound very nice for you at the moment.
Could you schedule and appointment with your midwives in there next few days to talk it over?
They are keen to help with this sort of thing, and understand the boundaries of what's normal hormonal feelings we all go through when pregnant and when a bit more help is needed.

dressmaker Sun 04-Sep-16 11:28:35

Hi, I feel your pain. I have anti natal depression, pregnancy can enhance a lot of feelings you had already, there are also a lot of hormones whooshing about your body. Pregnancy is a massive change, and sometimes we just don't give ourselves the credit we deserve for what our bodies are going through. I would suggest that you speak to your Midwife and or GP. You don't have to have medication if that is a concern, but I think you should at least speak to someone x

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