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Uterine rupture during v bac

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clarish84 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:02:34

Hi I was wondering how anyone else who has gone threw this felt afterwards.

I had my son 7 weeks ago by emergency section at 41 weeks . He is my 5th child but mine and my dh first child together. We didn't think we wanted any more then the 4 I already had but in 2014 I had an eptopic and everything changed for both of us . So 2 moth after we was married we fell pregnant and was so happy . The pregnancy wasn't to bad apart from pgp and morning sickness . 40 weeks came and I was so ready to have him I had sweep 1 but nothing happened then sweep 2 few days later I had what I thought was mucus plug . Felt I should know by baby 5 but his birth was a fer bit different to my others . 2 days later there was no moments so I rang hospital and was told to come in . I went in and everything was fine but they decided to induced.
I was taken to delivery at 4 they examined me and I was 2 cm so they tried to pop my waters they midwife couldn't do it so she got a consultant who took ages to pop them but after the midwife pushing my bump and her doing her bit she finally made a small hole and waters went but unfortunately nothing happened so 2 hours later they decided to put me on the drip and then midwives changed . Hours later and upping the drip nothing was happening just period pains . Then at 3am contractons every 4mins then every 1 min gas and air wasn't doing anything and the midwife was convinced I was about to have him . I begged her to check me as I had had a strange sting up the sides of my bump and I really didn't feel well . She just said it was the gas but I knew somthing was wrong . After begging she finally checked and I was 3 cm dilated I couldn't belive it . So she gave me the injection to help with pain and a consultant came to monitor the baby as his heart kept dropping . She tried to put a thing on his head but couldn't get it to stay
I was in so much pain and kept telling them I was ill and it want right but they kept saying it was the drugs .
Then she decided to do an emergency section . The anithatists decided he didn't want to do a spinal so they knocked me out . I rember lots of questions and being shouted at a lot to answer but I just couldn't I was so weak and then the knocked me out . Next thing I know I'm waking up thinking I was dead. I was told baby was born at 5am and weighEd 8lb 2 . I was so upset I mises the first 3 hours of his life I finally met him at 8.30 am . Dr's kept trying to tell me what had happened but I was so groggy
But finally they told me that when the cut me my old scar had opened and my womb had torn up both sides . The baby was in a womb full of blood staring up at them I had to have a blood transfusion as I lost over 2 liters of blood I just couldn't belive it .
My husband keeps worrying as I don't have much feeling about what happened I don't know how I should feel and just wanted to see if anyone was the same x

clarish84 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:03:26

Sorry for uber long post lol

Mamagin Mon 01-Aug-16 00:09:30

If you and your baby are safe, then just feel relieved and happy. And thankful that medical science was advanced enough to make things better.
(Currently reading 'history of women's bodies' and very glad I live now!)
What are you calling him? Congratulations! Give your husband a hug, it must have been a terrifying experience for him.

clarish84 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:19:35

I think I have sort of left it where it was because like ypu said weare both well
I think people worrying about me and questioning the fact I have no feelings about it is making me doubt myself

I am so greatful to the doctors for saving my life not just for me but for all my children

His name is isaac and he is such a sweet boy love him so much

Yeah bless my dh it must of been terrible he dis have my ssiter with him witch u think help she said they had a moment bless x

JinkxMonsoon Mon 01-Aug-16 00:22:21

I don't think there is a "normal" way to feel after such a traumatic experience. Do you feel depressed or traumatised? Or just numb? It may hit you later, or it may not. You could always ask for a birth debrief if you think talking it through might help flowers

clarish84 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:28:35

I wouldn't say depressed or anything . It sort of feels like it wasn't me it happened to or like a dream .
I was offered an after thoughts meeting but I thought I was ok but wonder if maybe it will help
It's my dh and my sister they both say im not the same anymore

clarish84 Mon 01-Aug-16 00:29:25

Thanx for your support x

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