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Does the Contraceptive Pill have a lot to answer for?

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Tarahbab84 Sat 16-Apr-16 17:34:33

So...I got diagnosed some time ago with PND...nothing helped with regards pills etc. Then I realised one day that maybe it was the contraceptive pill that was making me feel down as I'd only started to feel depressed when I'd started taking that. So after trying a couple of other variations I came off the contraceptive pill and hey presto after about a week or so (when it was fully out my system) I felt normal again. I know now it wasn't PND at all it was the contraceptive pill which made me wonder....How many people are seriously affected by the pill with depression but don't realise that's the cause? I mean it's given out like a pack of smarties isn't it but it can't suit everyone's body's with all the fake hormones or pumps out.

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