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Partner thinks I have pnd

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Rhikate84 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:07:10

My partner announced the other day he thinks I have not been coping and that he thinks I need to speak to someone about postnatal depression..
I admit I find things tough, I haven't had enough sleep since my son was born six months ago- no break no catch up. I feel that people around me are mainly useless at looking after our son so I don't ask for help.

I love my son to pieces, he's the most precious person on this earth, and there certainly is no bonding issue between him and me!

I go out most days of possibly, if not I really struggle at home all day alone.

Honestly I feel like I'm just stressed out balancing baby/worrying about return to work/maternity finances/ still having medical issues following birth. That doesn't mean it's pnd does it?

Please help!


Queazy Wed 30-Mar-16 17:41:53

No it doesn't, and PND is no reflection on the bond with your son. How have you been feeling when you say you've been finding things tough?

My dh also told me he thinks I have PND. I have anxiety and sleep deprivation but I too feel I'm not depressed. I've had depression in the past and there is no dark cloud over me this time - I just want sleep, a night out and less flab on my body!!!!

Rhikate84 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:15:22

Ha know that feeling! Just finding things tough like some days I'm filled with dread, not dreading being with my son but dreading him not settling or dreading him not sleeping through the night. Feeling not depressed but unhappy with certain aspects of my life, not my marriage or my son but weight/physical conditions etc...

Atenco Wed 30-Mar-16 21:12:32

You sound very anxious to tell the truth, OP. You probably need more sleep, could your partner not help out there? Can you sleep during the day when your baby sleeps? And Vitamin B complex would help too.

Rhikate84 Wed 30-Mar-16 21:25:01

Yes i feel anxious I guess. My other half moans he's tired and I don't ever get chance to sleep, baby will only sleep on me in the day or in Pram out for a walk. Never been able to relax enough to nap when he's asleep in Pram, just feel on edge 24/7 I think! Does that means pnd?! 😕 What does vitamin b do? Thank you for your help xx

Atenco Wed 30-Mar-16 23:16:28

Lack of Vitamin B makes us edgy and irritable. I know you can get medicine for anxiety from the doctor, but it is preferable to up your sleep and vitamin B intake first to see if that helps you.

I'm sure your partner gets tired, but he is still the father and should be helping you. He could take the baby out now and then to let you catch up with your sleep, for example.

Maybe you should also, gently and kindly, start to teach your baby to sleep on its own.

Rhikate84 Thu 31-Mar-16 06:42:16

Yep that's what I've been trying to do, baby will get himself to sleep on his own in nights and for morning 20min nap, any tips on how to teach him to nap better? Come the afternoon he kicks right off until I go and get him so ends up asleep on me!

Will certainly try the vitamin b and try and grab some more sleep, thank u!


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