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Post natal depression?

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BettyBleue Sat 12-Mar-16 09:36:09

Hi, I had my daughter 8 months ago. Although finding it hard as a single mum, I've been doing ok until recently. A few weeks ago, I read in the paper about a little 1 year old boy who tragically died from sepsis, which could have been avoided, and have been reading his mother's blog where she writes about her terrible grief. The little boy was so beautiful and lovely in nature. I can't stop thinking about him and his mother and I can't stop crying as I am so so sad that this little boy lost his life when it could have been avoided, and that his mother is in so much pain. I have always been upset in the past whenever I have read anything tragic involving a child, but I've been able to move on from it, but nothing has affected me like this. I'm wondering whether this might be post natal depression, but can it happen 8 months after having a baby? I just feel so sad all the time and everything feels like such an effort. Thank you.

holeinmyheart Sun 13-Mar-16 08:44:39

Of course it can be PND. However that sad story would make me sad, because it is sad.
However if you can't feel a connection with your baby and you feel despair, feel like crying constantly because you feel you can't cope, feel listless, can't sleep, are full of anxiety, feel like self harming etc, then it could be PND.
One of my DILs had it when her DS was 6 months old. Thankfully she was able to tell my son and I went and lived with them for months and she got meds,CBT,and a great deal of counselling.
It is bloody dangerous, so please go and see your GP now!
Lots and lots of hugs as you will feel awful.....but you are far from being alone.....and you will get better.

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