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8 weeks pregnant and no heartbeat fount

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micacartwright1 Thu 25-Feb-16 00:20:02

It all started when i was 5-6 weeks pregnant i was having brown coloured discharge, the early pregnancy unit done me an internal scan an there was a faint heartbeat so they told me to come back in 2 weeks and today at 8 weeks 3 days (24/2/2016) i went to have my scan (normal scan not internal) and they couldnt find a heartbeat but my baby had grown and the nurse basically said i had lost my baby and booked me an appointment in 10 days to confirm it.

I am having mild cramping and brown discharge again. As i suffer from anxiety im panicing and dont know what to do.. Is this a late miscarriage or has my baby still got a chance?

Can anyone give me any advise?

Imnotaslimjim Thu 25-Feb-16 00:27:15

I'm really sorry but this does sound like a mc. And it looks like its going to happen naturally. Have you been told what to expect? You'll need to gather a few things - decent night time our post partum pads, a glut water bottle is a good help and decent painkillers, the cramps can be quite rough. I'm so sorry you're going through it flowers

Pennyformythoughts Mon 07-Mar-16 19:10:03

I'm sorry you're going through this. It's not a 'late' miscarriage, that would be at about 4-6 months pregnant.

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