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Determined to stuff me with drugs

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WalkingBlind Wed 27-Jan-16 05:34:12

Ok so that's obviously the blunt way of putting it. But basically I'm due next month and last time I got PND when DD was 6month.

I have depression regardless that is semi-managed. I see a mental health worker once a fortnight. I take zero medication by choice (as I took it for years on end and just felt totally numb and zombie like) I know it's good for some but I really don't ever want to go down that route again.

This is the 3rd time I've seen the consultant psychiatrist and the 3rd time he's tried desperately to get me on medication! Can I refuse to see him again? I live in a rural area and he's the only one so it means not seeing one at all but I find him intolerable.

He has zero interest in any other method of support for me? I MC my last baby and when I saw him with this pregnancy his response (to me saying I was extremely anxious daily for the safety of my child), was "well at least you'll be happier now this one is alive and can move on". I complained and was told it was "a culture thing".

At the last meeting he asked if I was breastfeeding and when I said no he perked up with a grin and said "That's great so there'll be no issues prescribing you with antidepressants and having to wait until weaning!" I don't know how many fucking times I have to tell him or have it in my notes that I will not take medication! angry But I'm worried I'll bite his head off if I have to tolerate it again, and also if I do get PND how am I meant to get psychiatrist support as when I turn antidepressants down he says "well then what do you want me to do?"sad

temporaryusername Wed 27-Jan-16 06:03:05

Hmm. I think you need people to keep an eye on you, don't cut yourself off from help/oversight and don't rule out medication. It is your decision but there may come a time, not now obviously, where it is the lesser of two evils to take meds for a while. They do differ hugely too.

I think this consultant sounds pretty hopeless, insensitive and not much use. I would try to get an 'open appt' meaning you can ring to see him again if you want without being re referred, in case of emergency. In the meantime try to get an alternative support network in place, mental health worker, GP, family member or other contact. As long as you have those things in place, I don't see what you'd lose by not seeing the consultant. He would not be the one doing talking therapy, in all likelihood, and prescribing if need be can also be done by others. There also may be a nurse with ability to prescribe and usually the consultants would be pleased to bump you on to someone else.

I think you are right to find him very unpleasant and it doesn't sound like it will improve or is the right choice for you. If you can, chat to your GP about the possibility of seeing someone else if need be, even further afield.

Good luck, sorry you had to put up with tactless comments. I hope everything goes really well with this pregnancy and you find some medical support that is more suitable. Just make sure not to get too isolated, and make some appts to see GP, mental health worker, health visitor etc. Even if you feel ok, make sure they all know your history and that regular appointments to monitor are there.

If there is any way to plan extra support so you can get decent sleep, that has to help.

Congrats on your pregnancy, hope you have a smoother ride this time but if not you can do it. Forewarned is forearmed and there are things you can do to improve your wellbeing, with meds as a potential back up if needed. I don't know much about pnd so if someone with more advice comes along ignore me!

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