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I think my sister may have PND

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Claire1345 Tue 12-Jan-16 13:55:19


I am really worried that my sister may have post natal depression and I don't know how to bring it up with her for fear that it will send her over the edge. She was acting weird during her pregnancy, getting mad at everyone and taking everything out of context. I hoped she would be back to normal after the baby was born, but this is not the case.

What makes it worse (from my side and almost definitely from hers), she refuses to speak to me. She took something I said about coming to stay with my young kids when the baby was 3 months old rather than straight after the birth, to mean that I did not want to know her baby! (I live far away, so would need to stay and thought she would be more settled and up for visitors after 3 months... I was trying to be considerate). Rather than tell me how she felt, she just cut me off, not answering calls and when she eventually answered my emails it was to tell me how she can never forgive me. It has been 4 months now.

We were always very close and I am really concerned, because it doesn't seem like rational behaviour. Other family members daren't speak with her in case they are cut off too.

Has anyone had similar experiences (either as a family member or someone who has gone through PND) that may help me figure this out?


InherentFilm Mon 15-Feb-16 13:09:51

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lynholmerpark Wed 17-Feb-16 18:45:47

Having read this OP, are you really worried about her having PND or is the concern your relationship with her. You say things are worse 'for her' due to the misunderstanding you had, how do you know this to be the case especially if there has been no contact for 4 months. I'm playing devils advocate here but perhaps her life is better cut off for now from you and your other family members...? I suspect there's a lot more to this.

If there is a mutual trusted friend perhaps seek reconciliation with her/reassurance from her that's she's well from them. You may have to accept that this might not be what she wants though.

Zaurak Sun 20-Mar-16 20:31:31

It's doesn't sound like pnd, no. To be honest it sounds like something in the family dynamic is leading her to cut off contact.

Without more information it's impossible to say.

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