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Citalopram during and after pregnancy

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mollsmills Sun 27-Dec-15 00:19:03

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and had been taking 20mg Citalopram for the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy. The pregnancy was a happy surprise but I had intended to stop before trying for a baby because of the potential risk involved. A few months after stopping the depression and anxiety symptoms started to come back so I went to the doctor who prescribed me 10mg Citalopram. This has made a huge and I'm feeling much more stable again.

My doctor highlighted all risks involved and agreed that I would be better off taking them. However I haven't mentioned the medication to midwife and the doctor didn't write anything in my maternity notes. As I'm taking the medication under medical supervision is this something I need to mention to my midwife as well? As this isn't a first pregnancy I don't have many antenatal appointments and I'm normally accompanied to the ones that I do have so there's never a right time to mention it.
I'm also reluctant to mention it because when I discussed it with the midwife at my booking appointment she said that she would only write it in my notes if I wanted extra support, which I don't. All my scans have shown a healthy baby and I did mention the medication to the sonographer beforehand.

My worry is whether the baby may need more monitoring due to the medication and whether it would be sufficient to mention it in labour if needed or if I should keep telling every midwife/doctor/sonographer at each appointment.

I asked my gp about the best type of antidepressant for pregnancy and breastfeeding and was told that Citalopram was ok, but I have done some googling research and sertraline seems to be recommended for breastfeeding. Would this be something that a midwife could prescribe or would I need to go back and try and persuade my gp?

Sorry for the rambling and thanks in advance flowers

KatyN Sun 27-Dec-15 23:05:20

I took citraloplam for my first pregnancy. I think there is a slight risk of the baby having withdrawal symptoms so personally I would mention to your Mw and have it listed in your notes. However I am very open about my mental health and don't mind anyone knowing!! Maybe you could ring your Mw to talk it through when you are 't accompanied.
Fwiw my son didn't have any withdrawal symptoms and is fabulous now!
I was planning to breast feed on cotraloplam too on the gp's advice but didnMt manage to.. If you are concerned you could talk to your gp about switching but be aware that chaining medication will bring it's own problems as you may need to wean off one before you start the next (and experience any relevant side effects).

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