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Can PND come and go

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Sweetpea86 Wed 28-Oct-15 17:24:45

Hi ladies, I haven't used this site since I was pregnant.

My little boy is 18 months I love him sooooo much.

I had awful pregnancy with serve sickness the whole way through. Had a very long night labour which lead to em c section. I feel by time my little man was born this had all taken its toll.

I've never struggled with my little boy . I'm not a maternal person but as soon as he was born I just knew it was meant to be.

But when he was born mass anxiety hit me. I'm an axnouis person anyway but I had all these intrusive thoughts about some body hurting my little boy or him dying. By the time my little boy was 3 months I plucked up courage to see doctor and to her how I was feeling. I count sleep if there was dirty pots in the sink because in my head if I didn't clean them something g bad would happen to my little boy.

She put me on sertaline and suggested I go to councilling but I chickened out.

After a few months on sertaline every thing seemed better. And I was able to manage my anxiety. After about 8 months on tablets I felt fine and even with down days I could get through them.

This last month all these horrible thoughts have been coming back. I worry my husband is going to die or my little boy chokes. I feel guilty for thinking these things.

Is this just summit the will always come and go.

Sorry for the massive story I just needed to word it out. Thanks

Sweetpea86 Wed 28-Oct-15 17:26:32

I meant to add I came off tablets after 8 months I'm not sure if I should of ?

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